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The Season of Freedom is for uninhibited creating, journaling without restraint, embracing the mess in art and life, ventures into the unknown, freedom to express yourself, letting go of fear and doubt, and release.
For December and January we will practice being free in our art and find ways to release ourselves from the demons that threaten to hold us back from being the artist we desire to be.

This season will be all about breaking chains and making art that reflects our truest selves and desires.

We will embark on a journey of freedom together in our art journals. Prompts, tutorials, interviews, challenges and more await you as you tackle the idea of what freedom means to you in your life and in your art. If you are ready to get a little wild, let go of expectations and unleash your creativity – then this is the perfect season for you.

Meet this season’s guest artist

Ali Brown is a wife, mother, teacher, intercessor, singer, musician, photographer, filmographer and artist. She is a life scribe who has kept a journal for as long as she can remember. Ali’s passion is to encourage people to see the beauty in their life and to write it down in a creative and artistic way.

We will explore this theme in our art journals together. We encourage you to follow along, using our ideas as a springboard for your own and we challenge you to create an art journal that will reflect your journey.

Meet this season’s Journal

For the season of Freedom we are encouraging you to create using a journal bound by rings that are able to be opened. This can be any kind of journal that you can add and take things away from. It could be a tag book or a 3 ring binder, etc. Build your journal out of an assortment of papers and ephemera. Punch holes in them and slip them onto your rings. The beauty of these journals is that you can add to them as you go and can remove pages or rearrange them as you see fit. Appreciate the freedom that comes with this non permanent book.

What could the Season of Freedom hold for you and your art? Put your fear in the backseat for the next two months and come find out with us.

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