Using a Traveler’s Notebook to Tell Your Story

Hi again! It’s Moriah here and today I am going to show you how you can use ephemera from your everyday life to create a story using Traveler’s Notebooks.

What is a Traveler’s Notebook?

A Traveler’s Notebook, or TN, was created by a Japanese company called Midori. It’s composed of a leather notebook with journals that can be replaced when they are finished. Today there are lots of variations and sizes. Some use the notebooks to hold art journals, some use it as a planner, and others, like me, use it to document their life.

I use the Midori 019 refill journal, which is a undated weekly calendar format. There are many other types and you can use the same method I outline below using another notebook or even make your own notebook. The possibilities are endless!


For this tutorial, you’ll need a notebook, some ephemera from your week, some stickers, washi tape or stamps and a pen. You can also use some markers, watercolor or acrylics.

Action Steps

  • Collect receipts, postcards, business cards, brochures and other things from your week and use them to create a story about your week. What happened during the week that you want to remember?
  • Create an art journal spread using a theme of something that happened during the week, such as a trip somewhere, a birthday or a movie or book that really inspired you. Try to use a color scheme and images to portray that theme.


Moriah is an American transplant living in Madrid, Spain. Her favourite part of art journaling is being able to experiment with different techniques and styles and not having to care about making mistakes or if it doesn’t look good.

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  1. Maura Flood

    It was such fun to watch you creating! Thank you.