How to tell your story

Amy Tan is here today to teach us how to tell our most important story – the every day one. Watch her incredible tutorial and learn how she uses everyday life + art to tell her story.


Amy is the Founder of Amy Tangerine, a creative lifestyle company that creates online content as well as fun, tangible products like tee shirts and craft supplies. Amy wrote the book, Craft a Life You Love, has taught workshops all over the world, makes YouTube videos, and consults with awesome brands and clients. Amy’s mission is to inspire women everywhere to feel joy and confidence by infusing creativity, fun and intention into the everyday.


  1. K Wang

    Her fluid, forgiving, give-yourself-grace way is sooo inspiring! Thanks for showcasing her this season!

  2. Suzanne Earley

    Really enjoyed this!! I’ve been using the smaller Hobonichi since the beginning of the year and I adore it—-but it’s too small! I didn’t want to commit to the bigger size at the time, but I’m definitely going bigger next year. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

  3. Nancy Carey

    Love this so much! Thank you!

  4. Tiffany Julia

    I really love this. Amy’s got me itching to try a Hobonichi again, sigh. I love the idea of daily journaling like this, but I can’t for the life of me do it. I feel bad about leaving days blank when I haven’t journaled for that day, I suppose that’s just a habit I have to break. Thanks for sharing this with us Amy. I loved looking at your process!