Creating a Seasonal Mood Board

Hi, it’s Sarah again! Thinking about this season makes me think of calendars. The four seasons and calendars go hand in hand, because we use both to divide up our year. At the end of this tutorial, you will have a mood or vision board for one chosen season. Make one for just your favorite season, or document them all!

I tend to track the year in other ways than just using months holidays, for example. The start of Winter is when my part of New York starts getting a lot of rain in November. I know Spring is coming when the first crocus pop up, and how early they start, can usually hint at how hot summer will get. Summer is big white clouds and summer sunsets in purple and reds. Autumn is apple picking and cider donuts. The thing is, not all these events are on a traditional calendar, so here we can make our own “calendar” so that we can document what each season means on one spread.


  • found book
  • old calendar pages
  • paint
  • paper ephemera
  • hand painted paper
  • needle and thread


  • choose a season!
  • pick out the colors and ephemera that represent that season
  • add these to your spread in any way you’d like, this is your mood board for the season!
  • hand paint some paper so make simple three dimensional elements like leaves, flowers, and snowflakes. sew these in.
  • add journaling about what the season means to you

Some things you may want to journal about: birthday, anniversaries, festivals and fairs, food, flowers, trips, books, movies, etc. Really anything that makes you think of a specific season.

Design Tips

The design principle of variety, is a good one to keep on mind for this spread. Variety is when you use different elements in an image to create visual interest. By using everything from calendar pages, to paint, to 3D elements, the internet flows all over the spread and doesn’t get stuck in one or two areas.

Action Steps

  1. Choose two or three colors that represent a specific season for you
  2. Take old calendar pages and collage them in your found book
  3. Add your chosen colors to help create the mood of the season


Sara lives in Rockland County, New York. The best part of art journaling for Sarah is that it’s just for her. She can be as free as she wants in the pages and there’s no right or wrong. Her art journals have become more than just a way to try new supplies and techniques, but a way for her to document the phases of her life.


  1. Clare Etheridge

    I love the leaves and how you have stitched them on!

  2. Janet Bockman

    Yes, the leaves are super-special!! Love them so much!!

  3. Maura Flood

    I love that you are using a road atlas. That brings to mind vacations, journeys, and even personal change. The painted paper leaves are fabulous.

  4. Liezl van Schalkwyk

    Wonderful inspiration!! Thank you <3

  5. Julia Bethmann

    Love it Sarah, going to give this a try!

  6. CIndy Jacobs

    This is great Sarah! I can’t wait to get started!

  7. Cheryl Angelini

    So creative ! Love it , Sarah !

  8. Gina Nieto

    This is such a great idea! I have a “seasons” art journal that I work in only to document what wishes, activities, dreams I have for specific seasons. This would be a perfect addition to my “seasons” journal.