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Tell your story through art journaling this season.

The Season of Story is for you.

The Season of Story is for you to tell your story.

The Season of Story is for you to capture your memories.

The Season of Story is for you to share your art and your life.

The Season of Story is for you to tell your story in a new way.

This season we want you to tell your story through art, photos, stories, paint, memories, collage, history, drawing, experience, mixed media and memorabilia. Telling your story in a new way that combines art journaling and memory keeping will help you fully express who you are and leave a beautiful memento that will allow your story, love, passion and creativity live on for generations to come. In the Season of Story you will create art that represents your life, your family, your history, your dreams, your goals, your past, present and future.

Come create a beautiful art journal with us that will tell your story.

Meet this season’s guest artist

Amy is the Founder of Amy Tangerine, a creative lifestyle company that creates online content as well as fun, tangible products like tee shirts and craft supplies. Amy wrote the book, Craft a Life You Love, has taught workshops all over the world, makes YouTube videos, and consults with awesome brands and clients. Amy’s mission is to inspire women everywhere to feel joy and confidence by infusing creativity, fun and intention into the everyday.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the Season of Story. We believe it is going to be such a beautiful gift, to ourselves and to those we love, to create this art journal of our lives. If you are not a part of Get Messy but are interested in joining us and telling your story with us next season you should know that Get Messy is one of the greatest places on the internet – we truly believe that! Our members are welcoming and creative. We have so much fun every day learning about art and growing our artistic skills together. We hope that you will make time for the Season of Story and will tell your story with us.

Meet this season’s Journal

This season, to make this journal have an even more personal impact, we want to encourage you to hand bind your own art journal! There is something extra magical that makes us feel so much more connected to our journals when we hand make them. You can simply punch holes and add hooks/rings, you can do a simple pamphlet stitch to collect all your pages or you can challenge yourself to learn a new book binding technique and make a work of art out of your binding. Whatever you decide, make sure it has enough pages, good paper for adding mixed media and that you love it.

Here’s to telling our stories as they are worthy to be told!

🎨 + ✨