Scavenger Hunt: Get inspired by your neighborhood

Hi again! It’s Moriah here and today I am going to show you how you can get inspiration from your neighborhood.

One of my favorite activities as a teenager was scavenger hunts. I remember the first one I did was in London when I was 16. I was part of a Girl Scout troop and it was the first time I was allowed out in a city by myself (well with a group of other girls and adults following not to far away but it felt like freedom to me). Of everything we did during those two weeks, that’s what I remember the most.

Scavenger Hunt: Get inspired by your neighborhood

Today I invite you to explore your neighborhood or maybe even a new city as a child would, curious about everything and wanting to find all the answers!

Download the scavenger hunt

You can download and print the scavenger hunt or just follow along on your mobile.

Get Messy Season of Play Scavenger Hunt

Try to complete as many of the items below as you can.

  1. Find a piece of paper that isn’t from your home or work.
  2. Keep a piece of cut vegetable from a dinner or lunch (like the head of a bell pepper, or lettuce leave)
  3. Take a photo of your favorite neighborhood building or house. What colors or designs stand out to you? Draw them to use as inspiration later.
  4. Find something from nature.
  5. Find a word or phrase that inspires you. Write it down!
  6. Find something with texture.
  7. Create a crayon rubbing of the side of a building or a fence.
  8. Find a piece of ephemera that you have been hoarding for a long time. It’s time to use it!
  9. Find an old postage stamp.
  10. Find something that you wouldn’t normally use as a paint brush and use it to paint with (like a stick or an eyebrow brush or some yarn).

Once you have gathered all or as many of the materials as you can, it’s time to create! Use the materials and sights you saw to inspire you, but don’t be afraid to let go and explore, seeing what techniques you like or don’t like. As you’ll see in the video below, I tried a lot of different things in my journal spread. The point is to get out, explore and create!

Action Items

  • Print the Scavenger Hunt and go explore!
  • Add a few more items to the list. What other things can you think of to explore in your area?
  • Use the Scavenger Hunt to explore a new city or an area in your neighborhood you’ve never been to.
  • Use the inspiration you’ve gathered to play in your art journal!


Moriah is an American transplant living in Madrid, Spain. Her favourite part of art journaling is being able to experiment with different techniques and styles and not having to care about making mistakes or if it doesn’t look good.


  1. Maura Flood

    This looks like fun. I always liked scavenger hunts when I was young, too.

    • Moriah Costa


  2. Clare Etheridge

    Oh I am writing down the items right now, so that I can find them this weekend and work on a page! Thanks Moriah x

    • Moriah Costa


  3. Alicia Schultz

    This is excellent!!! Going hunting for these things & going to create!!

    • Moriah Costa

      Yay! Can’t wait to see what you make!

  4. Lea Betty

    This is a super fun idea. Thanks!!