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The Season of Play is all about letting loose and experimenting, embracing the freedom of play! We encourage you to try new materials and new ideas, let your creating be intuitive and, most of all, fun. Anything that makes you feel the happiness of childhood and uninhibited play goes for this season. Playing is our minds way of learning, connecting and creating. So this season open yourself up for the shameless fun and growth that comes from artistic play as we will be diving into new creative territory that will push your skills to a new level as you leave behind self doubt and judgement and dive headfirst into creative play. Your art journal and the child inside you will be so gleefully thankful that you chose to embark on this adventure full of conquering monsters, experiencing childlike wonder and free form art journaling in this brand new Season of Play with Get Messy Art Journal. Dive into play today!

Meet this season’s guest artists

Sketchbook Skool was founded by Danny Gregory (New York) and Koosje Koene (Amsterdam). Danny Gregory taught himself to draw in his mid-thirties, after a tragic accident changed his life. Drawing brought him peace and joy and a new perspective on life. As a kid in Holland, Koosje Koene drew all the time… and she never stopped. She went to school to study graphic design, then worked for ten years as an award-winning professional photographer. But eventually her love of drawing and painting took over, and she became an illustrator and began blogging and teaching drawing online.


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Meet this season’s Journal

We are encouraging you each season to try out a new journal to help push your creativity into new territory. This season we would love to see you use an altered book. This is simply a book that you repurpose into an art journal. Take this idea and run with it! Be experimental and playful with what book you choose and how you choose to use it. We would encourage you to let your imagination guide you as you create your book, but if you need some more direction check out the Get Messy archives for tips on altering a book. This is not required to participate in this season, but we want you to be playful in all of your choices this season, starting with your journal!

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