Spreading kindness: Using our art journals to leave kind words for others

Hello artists, Alicia here to share with you a special tutorial that is near and dear to me! When I lived in New York City, it became a habit of mine to take in all the art left on the streets for people to see. I was especially drawn to pieces with a positive message. While, this tutorial is not going to include spray paint or wheat paste or any form of permanent property defacement, we will be making our own tiny art to leave out in the world for people to find and be inspired by! Join me as I share how I take my art journal and turn it into a piece of kindness art!


  • Your art journal
  • Art journaling supplies to complete one spread
  • Words of kindness
  • A camera (your phone will work) or scanner & computer
  • A way to print (either your personal printer or a send out printer)
  • Kindness Project Tags

This tutorial is a perfect way to kick off the 2018 year of giving with Get Messy Art Journal and our first season of the year, the Season of Kindness. I have showed you a few ways in which you can share your art journal with your community, but you may have another idea in mind! The most important goal with this tutorial is to make art that is your own with the intention of kindness and find a way to share it with others. It is your choice on whether or not you mark your art with you name or keep it anonymous, but we would love for you to share our community hashtags #GMKindnessProject and #GMSeasonofKindness. We would also love to see photos of your Kindness Art Journals in the wild, so please share on instagram and tag @getmessyartjournal and use the hashtags #getmessyartjournal, #GMKindnessProject, and #GMSeasonofKindness.

Download the Kindness Project 

 Now it’s your turn:

  • Create an art journal spread that includes a kind message.
  • Photograph or scan the spread.
  • Print out the images of your art journal spread.
  • Include the Get Messy Kindness Project Tags with your art journal images.
  • Spread your kind message by leaving your kindness art journal image in places for people to randomly find.


Alicia lives in Portland, Oregon. She loves to create intuitively and freely and let the art come out without holding back. When it all comes together on a spread, it feels magical, meaningful, and like a deep breath for her soul.


  1. Stephanie manic

    You are amazing! I love this idea and you make my world joyful, thanks!

    • Alicia Schultz

      Ohhh thank you Stephanie!! I hope you will share your art with the world :)))

  2. Jenna Ledford

    What a great tutorial! Quick question – what is the black brush pen you use for lettering?

    • Alicia Schultz

      It’s my favorite!!! It’s a kuretake no 22!!

  3. Melody Willoughby

    Alicia, such a delightful, kind and thoughtful tutorial. I often scan my art but I have never thought about using art for a project like this. Thank you so much. Melody

    • Alicia Schultz

      It’s a fun way of sharing your art journal with people!! Especially since mine mostly get a pic snapped for Instagram and then tucked away on a shelf.

  4. Holly Janssen

    So excited to leave little messages of kindness around the middle school where I work. Such a lovely idea…perhaps I will have my students do it too. Hmmm….stay tuned!

    • Clare Etheridge

      That is a great idea Holly!

    • Alicia Schultz

      Oh yes! This would be so cool Holly! I Plan to have my 5 year old make some to share with the world too!

  5. Clare Etheridge

    I love this idea Alicia, wouldn’t it be great to see some Season of Kindness art out in the wild!

    • Alicia Schultz

      I know! It would be so fun!! I do love the idea that this will potentially be happening around the world!!

  6. Lea Betty

    SO SO SO inspiring!!! Your work is beautiful Alicia.

    • Alicia Schultz

      Thank you Lea!!!

  7. Romana

    A beautiful page Alicia and such a lovely idea

    • Alicia Schultz

      Romana, Thank you!

  8. Sasha Zinevych

    This is such a beautiful project!! Thanks so much for sharing, Alicia!

    • Alicia Schultz

      Thank you Sasha!

  9. Sharon Nullmeyer

    What a great idea!!!!

    • Alicia Schultz

      Thanks Sharon! I’ve been enjoying seeing everyone’s art being put out into the world for others to find!

  10. Ashley Rodgers

    This is wonderful, Alicia! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Alicia Schultz

      Thank you Ashley! I had so much fun creating this tutorial & even more fun leaving my art around town to be found!

  11. Emma louise szostok

    Can’t wait to do this !

    • Alicia Schultz


  12. Misty

    Love, love, love seeing art out in the world!!

    • Alicia Schultz

      Me too Misty! This is such a fun project!

  13. Linda Colgan

    Hello, thank you for these videos just learning and will using these videos to learn Have a wonderful day Thank you