Self-love: How to create an origami love letter to yourself

Hi, it’s Moriah and I am so excited to share my tutorial with you today! For the season of kindness I wanted to find a way to express self love. Being kind to myself is something I struggle with a lot, as I put a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect. I knew I wanted to focus on self care this season and decided to show you how to create an origami love letter and incorporate it into your art journal.

Origami is an ancient Japanese art practice of making beautiful and practical decorations by folding paper. The paper is usually thin and made of rice paper. It can be plain or decorated and hand painted.

While the most famous origami design is the the Japanese crane, I chose to show you how to make a peace dove as a symbol of not only world peace, but peace with ourselves. We tend to be the hardest on ourselves when really we should be the kindest to ourselves and take time for self care. I hope you not only learn to create art using simple folding techniques, but that this tutorial encourages you to think about ways you can be kind to yourself.


  • Origami paper or a thin piece of paper that is 6 inches by 6 inches.
  • Your art journal
  • Optional: acrylic paint, glue stick, black pen and/or any of your favorite supplies! This tutorial is all about you so create with whatever supplies you love the most.

Action Items

  1. Make one, leave one! Create origami peace doves and leave them around your town for strangers to find.  
  2. Learn how to make other types of origami, like the crane. The Spruce has a number of easy to follow guides. 


Moriah is an American transplant living in Madrid, Spain. Her favourite part of art journaling is being able to experiment with different techniques and styles and not having to care about making mistakes or if it doesn’t look good.


  1. Divyam Bernstein

    Thanks so much for this lovely tutorial, Moriah. I’ve always been utterly hopeless at Origami and watching you, I was able to do it at last! These birds are so beautiful and the idea of writing a love letter to ourselves inside them is just divine. Thank you!!! xxx

  2. Gilly Welch

    How lovely, my daughter makes origami birds for me all the time so I’m going to surprise her with one that I’ve made especially for her., Thank you Moriah for making what i’ve always thought to be so complicated look straightforward and will look so cool in my journal.

  3. Vanessa Oliver-lloyd

    I’m going to make extras to leave in public. I love that idea.

  4. CIndy Jacobs

    I’ve always wondered how to make these!! Thanks so much!!

  5. Tanyalee Kahler

    Oh my goodness, I am terrible at origami. Even watching you do those reverse folds it took me ages to get my head around it LOL. But I did it! Thanks for sharing Moriah

  6. Maura Flood

    Wonderful tutorial. I now feel ready to start making these doves. And making those extras, too!