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Translating Music to Paper

Hey friends. For todays post I wanted to show you something that I absolutely love doing in my journal. And that is, making playlists or working with lyrics of songs that really touched me.

What we normally do with journaling is a lot of visual memory keeping. But I personally associate different times of my life with different songs. So I love it to keep a record of what I am listening to right now. Because when I go back and flip through my old finished journals again I can play the music that I listened to while I created a page. And I will remember so much more of how I felt at that time. It is a really important part of my memory keeping and I highly encourage you to try it.

Right now a song that I can‘t stop listening to is Believer by Imagine Dragons and I can’t wait to create something with the words that are stuck in my head since pressing play for the first time. But today I will show you how you can incorporate playlists (or any kind of list actually) into your journal pages.

One thing I absolutely love is taking a brush with watercolour and just make some simple stripes on a page. It looks cool on it own but even better if you have something to write on top of the stripes. I also did it with acrylics before and it looked awesome. You can go for a colour scheme that fits the rest of the page or just give it a page on its own. Maybe make a rainbow?

As you might have seen in my tutorial or on my Instagram I am a huge fan of the contrast that black acrylic paint gives if you put it on a watercoloured page and then write on it with a good white gelpen. (Mine is from Pentel, just a really cheap one in 0.7 and it works perfectly on acrylics). Of course you can use every colour but I just enjoy black the most.

You can also do a themed playlist. I went to see the movie Baby Driver with my friends and made a scrapbook-style page for it on my journal with our movie tickets, the title and everything. The movie had a lot of great music in it so i decided to list my favourites on there too. Again with acrylic lines separating the tracks but thinner ones this time.

You can make a playlist on a piece of pretty paper and then use it as a tip in. Just take some washi tape and stick it into your journal.

If you don’t have much time, I would just staple a tab onto a page, write PLAYLIST as a title on it and then list your current favourite songs. Its so easy but looks gorgeous.

I am a person that really pays attention to lyrics when I listen to a song, and also one that likes to sing with headphones in and knowing every single word. So I love to write them down in my journal and then I can sing them even if i have no internet to look them up. And again it‘s great if you flip back through a book, turn the song on and BAM there are the lyrics too.

Here a two pages I made with the lyrics for Malibu by Miley Cyrus and I’m Fine by Tayler Buono.


So I hope you have had fun with this little inspiration post and enjoyed the peaks into my journals. Let me know what your favourite song is at the moment here or in Instagram @agirlwithajournal.

Lots of Love, Lina.


Lina is a dreamy nineteen year old girl from Germany. She has loved journaling since she was little. Her favourite things to use are watercolours and ink sprays and she also believes in the power of words and writing. It’s important to her and has quite a big place in her colourful heart.


  1. Alexandra merlin

    I’m currently obsessed with Imagine Dragons songs too … Believer and Demons

  2. Lea Betty

    This is really neat. I like how you add that in. I’m not super into specific music, just usually have Pandora on shuffle but may need to pay a bit more attention. On the last photo of your journal, did you wipe off the watercolor while wet to create the faded lines? That’s a neat look!