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Three watercolour background techniques

Hi friends. In this tutorial, I will show you three of my favourite watercolour background techniques that I do over and over in my journals.


Lina is a dreamy nineteen year old girl from Germany. She has loved journaling since she was little. Her favourite things to use are watercolours and ink sprays and she also believes in the power of words and writing. It’s important to her and has quite a big place in her colourful heart.


  1. Katie Smith

    Thank you for sharing these techniques, Lina!

  2. Patricia

    Awesome tutorials, Lina. I always wondered about those trees, and how you make them! It looks so relaxing to paint these backgrounds:)

  3. Alexandra merlin

    So in love with your pages !! Thanks for sharing your watercolor techniques !

  4. Lea Betty

    Lina this is awesome! I’ve followed your feed for awhile and am excited to see a tutorial on how you get these awesome pages. Thank you!

  5. angela zacharek

    Beautiful! You make watercolors fun. Thank you for the excellent tutorial!

  6. Sasha Zinevych

    What a lovely tutorial! Thank you for sharing. Lina!

  7. Mandy Grobosch

    Thanks for sharing… 🙂

  8. Stephanie manic

    Oh Lina! You know what?! I love the way you show us your beautiful work! You are incredible!

  9. Tabitha Wieden

    I really enjoyed painting along with you. Thank you for sharing.