Create a DIY portable flower press

Hello there, beautiful people! Sasha here today. I still cannot believe it is the last Season of the year. Somebody, pinch me! This beautiful, creative, challenging year has flown by, and I feel richer than I have ever been. I have met so many wonderful creative soul sisters and there are still so many of you to meet! Bring it on, 2018!

On Collecting Flowers

Now, we are dipping our toes into the Season of Nature and it is a beautiful subject to discover. I have always loved collecting flowers, herbs and leaves, but I never knew what to do with them afterwards. So, I would shove them in my pocket or bag and find them days later all ruined and broken. Also, I would marvel at a bouquet, but throw it away in a week, not leaving myself a memory of it. Then, I started pressing flowers and now I don’t go a week without snatching some herb along the road, pressing it and pasting into my daily journal, or using it as a photo prop. However, I was still left with a dilemma: so, I grab a flower at the beginning of my walk… and what do I do with it then? The pocket or bag might ruin delicate petals, so I used to carry it in my hand for hours, until it wilted and I had to grab a new one. Raise your hand if your like me! 😉

On Finding a Solution

So, let’s get rid of this dilemma once and for all and create a small and portable flower press. Now, a small disclaimer – yes, I am fully aware it is winter now. No, I am not out of my mind offering you to create a flower press. First of all, ain’t that a perfect excuse to buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, huh? 😉 Moreover, many of us live in warmer climates and can still find some  greenery to collect into their brand new flower press. However, if you, like me, live in a colder climate, just think about the spring that is going to come one day. Preparation is key!

On Getting to Business

So, for this light and portable flower press you’ll need:

  • 4 pieces of cardboard. Decide on a size you want your flower press to be and cut cardboard according to size. Mine is about 13,5 x 21,5 cm.
  • scissors/X-acto knife
  • tape (masking tape in my case, but any tape with strong hold will do)
  • ribbon/elastic/rubber bands
  • a few sheets of regular printing paper
  • paint, paper, fabric to decorate the cover (optional)

The whole project takes about 30 minutes (with painting) to make. Note: I was really inspired by Alicia from @vineandthistle when I was painting the cover. Visit her Instagram account and blog and give her some love! Please, remember that if you don’t feel like decorating the cover, just leave it as is. You also have an option of just tying a ribbon around your flower press to hold it together, instead of using an elastic.

Action Steps

  1. Search around the house for some sturdy cardboard (pizza boxes for the win!).
  2. Take half an hour of me-time and make a flower press.
  3. Go to the shop and treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Or go flower hunting!
  4. Pick your favorite flower and put it into the flowers press.
  5. Wait for a few days, and enjoy your beautiful pressed flower. Put it into your daily journal, a scrapbook, or a frame.
  6. Not a fan of flowers? Make it a paper press instead! Use it to collect paper ephemera that otherwise would get crumpled and ruined in the depth of your bag. 😉

Enjoy your bits of nature in the depth of winter, fairies! Big hugs, Sasha


Sasha is a freelance online English teacher from Ukraine, currently residing in Poland. She has been creative since very young age being raised in the family of photographers and actors. Sasha is a classic example of a “scanner” personality and often tries new creative things.


  1. Hannah Sewell

    Sasha this is fabulous! I cannot wait to try!

    • Sasha Zinevych

      Oh, yay! It makes me so happy that you are excited for this project, Hannah! Can’t wait to see your flower press!

  2. gwenaelle ALLEAU

    It is a brilliant idea. I am going to make one, because I adore collecting smell and leaves, but I never know where to put them.

    • Sasha Zinevych

      Ha, you get me, Gwen! I am always so puzzled by where to put those so they don’t get ruined! Hope you make one for yourself!

    • Sasha Zinevych

      All about making that life simpler! 😉

  3. Alicia Schultz

    What a great idea Sasha!!! & thanks for the shoutout!! I can’t wait to make my flower press & start collecting!!

    • Sasha Zinevych

      Aw, thanks so much, Alicia! Hope you don’t mind me totally taking art inspiration from you! <3 Can't wait to see your flower press!

  4. Clare Davis Etheridge

    I need to make one of these, I am always finding leaves and flowers which I completely squash in my bag!

    • Sasha Zinevych

      YES! That is what always happens to me too! So happy you are excited about this idea, Clare!

  5. Deborah Llewelyn

    awesome…thanks I love this idea.. good idea for an xmas gift too.

  6. Shoppegirl

    I love this idea. I will be making one this weekend!