Winter gloom is very real and makes us all dream of summer days spent hiking, sunbathing and picking wildflowers. So to help combat the blues we all feel around this time of year we are celebrating the wild and the natural world of Nature! This season is the perfect way to celebrate all those adventures you took this summer and is guaranteed to give you jolt of sunlight this winter. We will be exploring the vast, chaotic, beautiful and enchanting world of nature this season. From channeling your inner lioness on the hunt to filling your pages with lovely and delicate wildflowers, this season is going to awaken your kinship to the earth, bring you back to life with light and remind you of the beauty our natural world holds.

Meet this season’s guest artist

Lina is a dreamy nineteen year old girl from Germany. She has loved journaling since she was little. Her favourite things to use are watercolours and ink sprays and she also believes in the power of words and writing. It’s important to her and has quite a big place in her colourful heart.

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