The benefits of creating an art journaling habit

Hi Messians! Misty here in the Season of Connections. As I was looking through the prompts for the season, a prompt in week 3 really grabbed me at the heart of who I am as a maker. Creative team member, Elizabeth, serves up this juicy prompt:


What will you create when you disconnect completely from all other projects, devices and distractions? Allow yourself 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with your art journal and share your work on this week’s link up.

My own art journey started with a prompt very much like this.

Here’s my daily prompt as I embarked on my first year of Making Something Every Day in 2013:

Spend 20 minutes making something every day. Post a photo on the internet to hold myself accountable.

Here’s some results of my 20 minutes a day

– In 2013, I produced work 303 days and at the end of the year my church’s worship director commissioned me to make four canvases celebrating the season of Advent for our sanctuary. – In 2014, I produced work 273 days with 25 finished pieces of art work and I sold 7 of those. – In 2015, I produced work 286 days & finished 19 paintings, sold 10, 2 of which were commissions. – In 2016, I produced work 364 days (it was a leap year and I know exactly why I missed those two days). I completed 4 commissions, sold 3 other pieces, and participated in the Get Messy community. Now clearly, the past couple of years I’ve been doing more than 20 minutes a day. But all of this work literally started with me making a commitment to show up for 20 minutes day in and day out. So I wanted to share with you one of my 20 minute sessions.

Links to Things I Talk About in the Video

Teesha Moore’s Amazing 16 Page Journal This is video one of three but one flows into the next, so you should be able to follow it easily. Cavallini Papers In the US, if you are able to visit a brick and mortar location of Papersource, Jerry’s Artarama, or Blick, they will have a varying selection. Papersource has some online but Jerry’s and Blick you have to be in a shop to see what they have. You can also get them on Amazon but I find it’s mostly from third party sellers on Amazon and the shipping charges are kinda outrageous. Art Bento Box

Action Steps

  • Start a 15 or 20 minute a day habit for your art.
  • Post a photo to hold yourself accountable.


Misty is ever-so-slightly obsessed with paint, glue, and paper. Her interests range across a variety of arts and crafts such as contemporary visual art, mixed media, book binding, crochet, and yarn spinning. When she isn’t in her studio slinging paint or gluing things together, she is busy with her family and serving as President of the Board of Directors for Global Women.


  1. Kelli CRESWELL

    I enjoyed seeing your process, Misty! And I love this spread!

    • Misty Granade


  2. Melody Willoughby

    I really love this process video! You should do more, you know, in your spare time. 🙂

    • Misty Granade

      Thanks, Melody! I’ve actually been contemplating doing just that!!

  3. CIndy Jacobs

    Love it, Misty! Working in small chunks of time really does pay big benefits!

    • Misty Granade

      It really does!!

  4. Julia Bethmann

    Fun video! Love watching you create!