How to find hidden imagery in paint spatters

Hello, beautiful Messians! It’s Ashley here, and today I’m sharing a quick challenge to stimulate your creativity and inspire you to get messy. When I was a kid, I loved connect the dot coloring pages and worksheets. Many of you may be familiar with them too. The illustrations are partially completed, and you must connect the numbered dots to reveal the entire image. So, considering the theme of this season, I wanted to invite this sense of play and wonder into your art journal spreads with a paint splatter connect the dots challenge!

To me, there’s nothing more fun than splattering paint on a page, but I usually do it at the end to add that little something extra to finish the page. Today, we will be splattering all the paint on our page first! I am using watercolors here, but you can also water down acrylics or use inks on your page. Just load your brush with water, dip it in your paint, and tap the brush over the page with your finger. Let the paint splatter as it will. That’s part of the fun!

You can choose one or multiple colors. As you can see, I’ve chosen a deep pink and a coral color. If you’d like, you can also lightly mist the page with a spray bottle, then splatter the paint. The wet areas will cause the colors to spread and blend in unexpected ways.

Once you’re satisfied with the paint splatter, let it dry. Then, spend some time looking at your page and see what images emerge. Just use your imagination and connect the dots! I found a sweet little bird perched on a branch.

Feel free to draw lightly with a pencil first. Notice I connected some dots, outlined some, and let others be.

Next, define those lines with a pen and erase any leftover pencil marks.

Then, add a few more elements and details. I cut out some flowers from a bit of washi tape and added some sparkle to the center of the blossoms with gold glitter.

A strip of washi tape at the bottom and a lovely sentiment completes the page for me!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. Have fun slinging paint, and be sure to share anything you create with me!

Action Step:

Splatter some paint in your art journal and connect the dots!


Ashley is just an artsy-craftsy kinda girl trying to make it in the world. She loves everything from scrapbooking to sewing and art journaling to jewelry making. Her motto is “Make it ’til you make it. And then make some more.”


  1. Mandy Grobosch

    Thank you for this betiful inspiration!

    • Ashley Rodgers

      Hi, Mandy! So happy you’re inspired. Thanks.

  2. Katie Smith

    I love this idea, Ashley!

  3. Misty Granade

    This is just lovely, Ashley!

  4. Suzanne Thoolen

    Definitely gonna try to have a go at this

  5. Christina Cloud

    I love this challenge and example! I wish I would have seen this sooner, it looks like fun and I’m going to try it!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Ashley Rodgers

      Thanks, Christina! So glad you’re going to give it a go. Have fun!