Season of Fairy Tales: Member Art Journal Flip Through

This season you guys have shown up and blow us away! We have been in awe of everything you guys are making and we are so sad to have come to the end. But! The end means that many of you are finishing up some really incredible art journals and sharing your final flip throughs of these magnificent works of art.

Alicia, from Vine and Thistle, shared her journal flip through and it stopped us in our tracks. We knew you had to see her beautiful pages. We hope you’ll be as inspired as we were to squeeze out a few more pages this week! Take it a away Alicia!

The Season of Fairy Tales was a perfect chance for me to explore fairy tales with my 4 year old daughter. She very much enjoyed reading the many fairy tales. We mostly explored the fairy tales in their more classic forms with books filled with them by the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Andersen. These fairy tales are quite bizarre and created some interesting questions and conversations. Yet, even the more kid censored and modern versions of the fairy tales stirred some thoughts in my mind and found me advising her about reality vs. fairy tales (mostly coming from a feminist point of view). If I’m being honest, some of these messages were ones I wish I could have told my younger self! From here, I drew my inspiration for creating this art journal. I tried a few new things: the peek through window in the forest, the flip up tower, the added page on the darkness and light spread (which happened like magic – what were the chances that those images could be front to back so perfectly in a magazine waiting for me to find?!). I also used some of my go-to techniques including hand lettering, collage, abstract painting, limited time restraints. Mixing these messages I pulled from the stories, my favorite way to art journal, and a few new experiments, I created this art journal.

Thank you so much for sharing Alicia!
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