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How to make an accordion folded journal

Surprise! It’s Misty! Normally Vanessa kicks off our seasons but she was kind enough to switch with me for Season of Fairy Tales so I could show y’all how to make an accordion-fold shroom journal.


  • Katie’s enchanted Shroom art (from the Make your own printables lesson this season) printed on the paper of your choice. I used scrapbook paper but feel free to print it on watercolor paper or gelli printed paper. I printed one as is and I printed one reverse so I’d have a backwards Shroom for the back cover. The Shroom is approximately 6” square but feel free to enlarge or shrink it to customize it.
  • Cardboard to back your cover Shrooms. I used the white cardboard back from a pad of scrapbooking paper.
  • Paper for the interior of your book.I used 18×24” mixed media paper. My book is eight panels on the front and six panels on the back by using two 6” tall x 24” long strips of the mixed media paper. If you want more panels, add more and combine them as I show in the video below.
  • scissors
  • bone folder
  • heavy-duty ruler
  • pencils, markers, etc. for embellishing your covers

      When folding the pages of your book, make them a half-inch smaller so your folds are well inside the covers.

      Trimming! Oh, the trimming! You are not doing it wrong. Depending on how thick your accordion is, you will need to keep trimming the edges to fit the shape of your cover. I cut approximately twelve hours of footage of me trimming the mushroom cap and the notches on the sides. You are so welcome for that!

      You might notice in the later shots, I have a piece of sheet music stuck to the inside of my covers. OOPS! The first set of pages I folded and glued to the covers were completely awful. I took them out but the covers were still covered in glue. I stuck some handy pages on the glue to keep them from sticking to other things.

      Action Steps


      Make a Shroom Journal! What are you waiting for?!!


      Think about how you will use your accordion book. You have a wider canvas than normal to play with. So consider using the whole side as one page and continue adding to it during all the weeks of the season.


      Misty is ever-so-slightly obsessed with paint, glue, and paper. Her interests range across a variety of arts and crafts such as contemporary visual art, mixed media, book binding, crochet, and yarn spinning. When she isn’t in her studio slinging paint or gluing things together, she is busy with her family and serving as President of the Board of Directors for Global Women.


      1. Sasha Zinevych

        This is so darn cute!! And seeing Katie use hers makes me want to just make another journal for the season! 😀

      2. Cardelia Howell-Diamond

        This is lovely! Cannot wait to make one this afternoon!

      3. Elizabeth D.

        This turned out magically! And i love your idea of adding to one long swath of paper over the course of the season. <3

      4. Riet

        SO CUTE!
        That’s exactly why I like accordions! Seeing it as one large sheet of paper holds many possibilities!

      5. Rebecca Johnstone

        Amazing! I love shrooms 🙂