Make your own printables for journaling

Hey y’all, Katie here! I’m having so much fun with this Season of Fairytales. I’m actually a huge science fiction nerd, but fantasy is my my second favorite genre and I love anything magical.

Today I am showing you guys how to draw a few fairytale inspired elements like mushrooms, gems, crowns, etc. I also wanted to explain a little bit about how I reuse my own sketches and doodles in my art journal.I love reusing my own art and I think this is something that not enough people realize you can do. If you’ve drawn something once, who says you can’t make a copy and use it again?

Download Fairy Tale Images

If you really don’t want to doodle your own (I know not everyone loves drawing as much as me.) , I turned my doodles into free printables and digital images that you can download!

Let’s get started!

How to Draw Fairytale Elements:

In my video I’ll show you how to doodle the elements, and then how I used them in my journal:

How to Create Your Own Printables:

This may seem hard, but all you really need is a printer/copier. There are a couple of options:

A. You can just place your original design in the copier, and make a copy. This is probably the quickest way.

B. Place your original in the scanner and scan it into your computer, that way you have a digital copy that you can print out as many times as you want.

I wanted to show you how the same design can be used in a variety of ways and styles, so I reached out to my fellow Get Messy Creative Team members and they have used my free printables from this post in their journals!

Pages above by Sasha

Journal above by Misty

Page above by Riet

Action Steps


Doodle a few fairytale themed elements.


Make a copy of your elements to reuse again later.


Or download and print out my designs to use in your journal (find them near the top of this post)! Please tag me @studio.katie on instagram so I can see! 🙂


Katie is an Artist located in Washington, USA. She loves anything and everything crafty- from scrapbooking and art journaling, to drawing, to quilting. Katie is constantly inspired by nature, outer space, and colors.


  1. Vanessa Oliver-lloyd

    The mushrooms are the best because they are something I never would have thought of to draw 🙂

    • Katie Smith

      Mushrooms are so fun!

  2. Laura Rahuba

    great job!

  3. Riet

    Reusing my own art is something that has been highly influenced and inspired by you since our collab!

    • Katie Smith

      That’s so nice to hear, Riet!

  4. Sasha Zinevych

    Ah, I just want to live in your journal! It’s so magical! <3

    • Katie Smith

      Awwww! I’d love to live a fairytale journal too!

  5. Eleanor McComb

    These are so going to get printed onto sticker paper Katie!!
    I love Riet’s page with the 3D pop-up elements!!

    • Katie Smith

      That’s a brilliant idea, Elly! I hope you share your pages!