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Brush Lettered Inspiration

Hi again! Olivia here. I hope you’ve had lots of fun creating an entire page of brush lettered text. Here are a few more ideas for you on how to combine brush lettering and paper collage.

You can change up how you layer the papers, size of the pages, and the type of paper you use.

For this page, I just cut out a single word from my brush lettered page and layered it over two different scrapbooking papers. Keep it simple!

In this page, I used white ink on kraft paper and then layered another lettered word over it to make it a phrase.

On this one, I again chose to combine two phrases together in layers. I picked complementary colors so they would coordinate.

And for this page, I just lettered out on a smaller piece of scrapbooking paper and layered over a kraft paper background.

Hope that gave you some ideas that you can try! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create.


Olivia is a brush lettering artist who shares her colorful lettering all over the internet. Her obsession with lettering has turned into the creation of printable, traceable, practice pages to help other people practice their way to their own beautiful brush lettering.


  1. Katie Smith

    Your lettering is gorgeous!

  2. Sasha Zinevych

    Wonderful ideas and beautiful lettering!