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How to use brush lettering in your art journal

Hi! Olivia here with a quick and easy art journal page. I’ve listed the supplies and basic project steps below, but watch the video to get the full tutorial. Don’t forget to scroll all the way down for some printable freebies too!


  • Watercolor paint palette – I’m using the Artist Loft palette
  • Round number 2 watercolor brush
  • White cardstock
  • Scrapbooking paper pads
  • Tape runner
  • Scissors


Action Steps


Using the cardstock as the background layer, brush letter out the same phrase over and over again.

You can use any color cardstock or kraft paper as a background. Also, you can use any color paint or ink in your collection or use any marker that you like.


Let the paint dry.


Pull out some scrapbooking paper that coordinates with your lettering.


Layer the scrapbooking paper over the background layer in whichever way looks good to you.


Tear the scrapbooking paper for a raw edge. Use scissors or punches to make your own desired shapes.


Use the tape runner to adhere the scrapbooking paper to the background layer.


Use scissors to cut the edges that hang off the background page

Download lettered backgrounds

If you want some ready-made lettered backgrounds to print out and use, there are three different phrases and colors for you to download. Just click on the button below and the full size will open.

I’m looking forward to seeing what art journal pages you create!


Olivia is a brush lettering artist who shares her colorful lettering all over the internet. Her obsession with lettering has turned into the creation of printable, traceable, practice pages to help other people practice their way to their own beautiful brush lettering.


  1. Laura Rahuba

    I love it, I love it, I love it! I can totally see myself making greeting cards like this too!

  2. Vanessa Oliver-lloyd

    I love watching you write. This is a great idea for a different style of background!

  3. Sasha Zinevych

    Lovely idea! Your lettering is so pretty!

  4. Eleanor McComb

    omgosh it looks so easy when you do it Olivia!

  5. Emma louise szostok

    Beautiful !