Once upon a time, there were many artist spread out throughout the world. They each had a unique magical power, some were gifted in paints, some in inks, some with drawing skills and others with the abilities to mix colour in ways never seen before. Every magical artist was very important and the world needed them because their artwork brought beauty, life and light, truth and honesty, courage, kindness and love to all the people who beheld it. But there was a darkness growing in the land, hate and destruction were brewing among the people and only the art could save them. But, each artist was lonely and insecure about their artwork and feared sharing it because maybe the people wouldn’t like it or understand it, maybe they would ridicule the magic artist. So many of the artist were in hiding, creating in their magic journals and sealing them tightly with a spell that no man could open.

When the magical forces realized that this war on beauty could go on no longer they sent a Fairy Godmother called Get Messy who came and spoke to all the artist in the world and said ‘come to me, we will gather together as magical artists and you will support one another. You will encourage one another’s amazing powers and, only together, can you save the world from darkness, from the big bad wolves, the evil stepmothers, the hunters and evil queens. Together your art will pierce through the darkness and shine the light of it’s love and courage throughout the world and remind the people of beauty and goodness.’.

Here is her final decree: To any magically gifted artist who will answer the call of the Fairy Godmother Get Messy, meet here on August 1st and we will spread the magic of art throughout the world.

Grab your most magical art journal or bind your own journal with our course Basic Book Binding. Take some time to go back and read all your favorite Fairy Tales from childhood. Look up some variations, learn the original meanings and stories. This will get you into the mindset and help you prepare for the season.

Print out, rip out, collect, etc any ephemera that is fairy tale-a-licious that will help add those magical touches to your pages!

Meet this season’s guest artist

Olivia is a brush lettering artist who shares her colorful lettering all over the internet. Her obsession with lettering has turned into the creation of printable, traceable, practice pages to help other people practice their way to their own beautiful brush lettering.

Just a reminder that YOU are a fairy godmother.

As a member of Get Messy YOU are an art fairy Godmother to kids all over the world. With every payment and purchase you make through Get Messy, we give 10% to Art Feeds!

🎨 ✨