Expressing yourself through colour

Welcome to the Season of Colour! Vanessa here to usher you in to this Season. As is always the case when we start a new theme, I need to find a way in. I need to figure out my approach to the new Season and this one is no exception. I thought we could do an exercise together. Let’s check in with ourselves; let’s see where we are right now. How do we feel? Are we in a good place or a bad one?  Are we full of bile or full of light? Are we on fire or are dark waters churning inside? For this first tutorial of the Season, I would like us to use colour to illustrate our inner landscape, the emotions that fill us right now. Think about which colours speak to you, which ones translate the emotions you are feeling right now. You can take a look at this post on Colour Psychology by Julia to get some ideas. Take a few moments to sit in silence and think of this.

As for me, I would like to show you how I go about this exercise using the Tarot as colour inspiration.

Now that we have seen a few examples of how I go about finding colour schemes that work for me, let’s make a spread. You are free to use the medium of your choice for this, be it collage, acrylics or watercolours like I am using. The important thing is that you focus on what the colours mean to you right now.

I hope this tutorial helps you see colour and colours schemes in a new way and adds to your arsenal of symbolism and techniques. My page turned out full of colour, very busy with dark brooding elements. And that is because this is what was churning inside me when I made this. The collage elements complete the page. If you have taken the Totems class, you know that the crown is personal symbol related to the Queen archetype…and in my case also a symbol of my pride.

Here are a few links I mentioned in the video. The Totems class where we explore archetypes, the Tarot, elemental symbolism and colour. Elly’s 100 Days of Colour Meditation and We Are All Artists cards. If you want more information on my Tarot decks, just write me a direct message. I am looking forward to wandering through your inner landscapes!


  1. Melody Willoughby

    I love the way you used the watercolor to express how you are feeling today. The flow of the colors and water was very appealing to me. I do not have Tarot cards but I do have some oracle cards so I am going to give this a go. I always love hearing about your relationship with your art, color and emotions. Thanks for your openness. XOXO Melody

    • Vanessa Oliver-lloyd

      oracle cards would work just as nicely I am sure Melody!

  2. Tanyalee Kahler

    I managed to suck enough 3G data to watch your videos – yippee! So in love with your intuitive style – and I’m so happy to see the QoR colours in your pages. I also just received my We Are All Artists cards from Elly and can’t wait to try them out. Thanks for being you V.

    • Vanessa Oliver-lloyd

      So happy you got to watch it my friend! I think this exercise is totally up your alley.

  3. Eleanor McComb

    Those books are crazy AMAZING!
    I really like alllll of this. Despite the fact that I am doing regular colour meditations I have been really wondering how I would get into this season. This is so awesome.

    • Vanessa Oliver-lloyd

      Oh yes! So glad you feel inspired. After your move and everything else, it is probably a good idea to check in with you!

  4. Misty Granade

    I love this way of looking for inspiration! Thanks!

  5. Emily@squiggleandswirl

    I decided to join back in for a season between semesters and after watching this, I feel glad I did. Just what I need is to reconnect with myself. I have Elly’s We are all Artists cards to help me, and Totems class and art supplies. Next is to mark off some time for art journaling. Thanks V for showing and reminding us hope to connect to our inner landscapes. xx

  6. Gilly Welch

    Totally fascinating as only you know how V. I don’t have any Tarot cards but I was struck by the beauty of the black and white deck with just the little touches of colour, I think you called them the Wild Unknown and this is where the inspiration for my 3rd spread came from, thank you for your wonderfully inspiring and intuitive tutorial, Gilly xoxo

  7. Sasha Zinevych

    Your voice is so soothing, love watching your tutorials! And count me impressed with that Tarot collection! <3 Loved doing some introspection and creating alongside you! 🙂


Vanessa is an archaeologist and an artist. She oscillates between these two poles of her personality and explores the many iterations of her reality in her art journal. She loves to share her art and process with others.