Finding Inspiration in the Process

The best part of personal artistic pursuits is fully enjoying the process. When I work in my journal, I’m not only enjoying the artwork, but the feeling in my workspace, the music or podcast I’m listening to, and the beautiful materials surrounding me. I love capturing not only my work, but also taking photos of my workspace, my paper piles, even the extra bits of paper I’m about to discard.

Even though it seems pretty “meta,” I consider these photos little visual diaries in their own way, a document of the document. I can look back on them and remember the projects or ideas I was involved with at the time: making a new zine or exploring a new set of colors or getting really into using found text.

Sometimes when I push all the extra little bits from a page into a pile on my workspace, I’ll notice accidental color combinations that give me a boost of inspiration for the next project. Snapping a quick photo can help jog my memory later when trying to think of new palettes to work with. Or, I can take a look at the photo above, taken about a year ago, and remember, “hey, I used to really love that rusty/orangey/ochre color… I should bring that back into my rotation.”

The next time you’re working, before you set your materials away for the day, try taking a quick picture of your paper piles or paint palettes. You just might find something enlightening in the process, or just an extra boost of encouragement to keep on making!


Katie Licht is a homemaker, mother of two, and graphic designer/artist. Her inspirations are nature, children, her spiritual life, and library books. She has been making collages for over 20 years.


  1. Misty Granade

    I love this part of the process too!!

  2. Riet

    I enjoy that part, too! Those photos always make me happy but you put that feeling so well into words! Thanks, Katie!

  3. ginnistonik

    Oh, this is a really cool idea, and what a neat way to see things from a different perspective.

    Also, I just adore your style, Katie. It inspires me so much!

  4. smilinthyme

    I love this! It could definitely be in corporated in The Joy Notes a’ la Ali Brown (the Season of Freedom)