Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second.

– Mattie Stepanek

Are you bored? Does life seem bland, dull or lame lately?

This summer Get Messy is turning up the volume on COLOR!

We are going to dive head first into a vat of neon pink and yellow and orange paint. We are holding nothing back when it comes to color, light and brightness in our newest and most inspiring season of art journaling! We want to see you shine bright in all the color that is hiding inside you. We want you to harness this flashy and beautiful world and all its fascinating colors into your art journal pages. We want to learn what color means to you, to your culture, what you can express with it, which is your favorite and how color can help bring you into a happier, more open place in life. So grab EVERY color of the rainbow and let’s turn those winter greys into summer sunshine yellow!Get ready for an incredible season of color and fun that will speak right to your soul.

This season is all about fun and happy colour! Choose a journal filled with color and nice, thick paper that is ready to hold lots of layers of colour and paint and fun. Try binding your own journal with our new course Basic Book Binding.

Start collecting colour inspiration! Snap photos of colourful bright spots you notice along your daily walk or around your home. Start stashing your children’s rainbow drawings, those neon advertisements that are floating around and those fun candy wrappers.

Maybe you even want to embark on a personal colour challenge and dress the rainbow next week to get ready?! Share your colourful outfits or snaps with us on instagram using the hashtag #gmseasonofcolour. We can’t wait to get started making bright and beautiful pages with you this season!! Our Creative Team has some incredible colour tutorials waiting for you.

Meet this season’s guest artist

Katie Licht is a homemaker, mother of two, and graphic designer/artist. Her inspirations are nature, children, her spiritual life, and library books. She has been making collages for over 20 years.

🎨 ✨