How to use scale to create contrast

Hi, friends! It’s Misty here to talk a bit about using size to create contrast and interest in your journals. I’ve got a short video to go over a few basics. I’ll be using a few of my own finished journal spreads to illustrate my points as well.

Action Steps


Look through your previous journals and see if you’ve used size on any pages to emphasize an idea. Is it something you never do? Is size contrast a tool you use regularly? Do you tend toward small size for emphasis or large?


If you haven’t been using size as a tool for contrast, make a page intentionally to use it. Size an item big (maybe even a fold out?) to really underscore the point you are making. Think about using tiny items to emphasize groups of togetherness or one small item to create a feeling of isolation.


Make two backgrounds in your journal with the medium of your choice. Make one using large shapes and one using small shapes. Think about what themes you might develop with those backgrounds in place. Finish off those pages.


Misty is ever-so-slightly obsessed with paint, glue, and paper. Her interests range across a variety of arts and crafts such as contemporary visual art, mixed media, book binding, crochet, and yarn spinning. When she isn’t in her studio slinging paint or gluing things together, she is busy with her family and serving as President of the Board of Directors for Global Women.


  1. Katie Smith

    Yay, a Misty tutorial!

  2. Divyam Bernstein

    Wow, this is so interesting! And amazing to see so many different effects contrasting size can have. Thanks so much, Misty!

  3. Kelli CRESWELL

    I’ve never thought about this before — thanks! I feel like you have so much art wisdom, so I’m looking forward to more Misty tutorials! 🙂

  4. Gilly Welch

    Definitely going to give this a try, thanks Misty!

  5. Romana

    lots of great gear here!

  6. Sasha Zinevych

    This is great, Misty! Definitely inspired me to search for some images that I would like to enlarge and use as a focal point of my next page! Thanks!! <3

  7. Lea Betty

    Great video!

  8. Riet

    Thank you for this idea, Misty! I’ll keep this in mind for my next spread!

  9. julia Thomas

    Oh Misty this was so good! You have a real teacher presence about you, I was glued to what you were saying even though I felt like I knew what you were talking about, I really learnt. You need to do more of these!!!!