The goal for this season is to introduce our artists to new mediums and techniques and to take away the scary part of how to get started, what to choose, how to care for supplies and so on. Some weeks will be more challenging for some than others and that is fine! We could all use a reminder to get back to basics sometimes and that is exactly what we want to do this season. Each week our creative team members will introduce a new medium or technique to you. They will start at the very beginning of the best supplies, use and care for them. They will then help you create your first page using these materials and teach you a new technique to use them with. There will be something for everyone to learn in this season and it will be the perfect sampler platter for all our artists.

We are encouraging you to have an open mind, be brave, try something new and learn with us for the Season of Art 101. We cannot wait to see what you will make and we’re all excited to learn alongside you. Remember, no question is a stupid question. Ask anything you want / need in the forums!

For this season we advise grabbing a trusty journal, with thick paper, or making your own so you have a go to place to keep all your Art 101 experiments in! We also suggest having a stack of very cheap paper ready, like computer or notebook paper, for practicing with your new mediums and tools. Don’t worry about spending too much money this season, use what you have or treat yourself to just 1 new tube of a type of paint you aren’t use to using to test it out. Make this season work for you and your desires.

Meet this season’s guest artist

Pam Garrison is an artist passionate about the pursuit of creativity. She can be found art journaling, painting, lettering, doodling or practicing some creative form on the daily. When she’s not at home in Southern California with her husband and two children, she is often travel teaching. You can take a class with Pam in person at various retreats around the globe, or online with

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