The Mailable Art Journal

Hello, splendid Messians!

I’m jazzed as hell to be back sharing another post here on the blog with you. Especially one that’s about giving!

Most of the people I’ve met through Get Messy are also big fans of snail mail. I think it comes with that love of paper, and the tactile qualities of the materials we use.

The only thing that takes the fun out of sending gifts in the post for me is the insane cost of international shipping. As someone who’s posting from Australia (i.e. the a** end of the world, and thousands of miles form literally everywhere else) I have to say that I’ve kind of stopped sending gifts to friends overseas because it’s just too expensive.

But I’ve found one gift that isn’t. It’s small, it’s light, and its packed with the best kind of arty love that I know how to give: the mailable art journal.

I make mine with Moleskine postal notebooks.


I am obsessed with these little guys because they are such a clever idea – simple design, cheap, and lovely to hold in your hands. That said, you absolutely do not have to use this product to make them. You could easily make your own with cardstock and paper, or pop a slim notebook in a regular envelope.

But today I’m going to show you an art journal I made for someone we all know and love, using the Moleskine:


Caylee’s my unicorn sister, so I had to open with that image.


This page isn’t perfect but it says what I want it to say, and that’s the most important thing.


German chamomile is one of my favourite flowers, and whenever Caylee spots some while she’s out walking Griffin she sends me a pic. I had to include this symbol of our friendship in the book, and I did so in the form of a watercolour painting that I did on separate paper, and then cut out to fit.


This strip collaging has kind of become my signature style. Joining up with Get Messy and being encouraged to create by Caylee and Lauren has helped me find and enjoy that style, and put it to new uses all the time.


Another of my watercolours, cut out and stuck in, seemed like a good way to sign off.


Another fun thing about these Moleskines is the little pocket in the back – I’ve tucked a few paper prettinesses in there for Caylee to use in her own journalling.

What makes these such amazing gifts is that they are totally unique. You put all the love you have for the recipient into each of the pages, and you end up telling the story of your friendship, and letting them know how much they mean to you.

That’s better than a novelty mug or a gift card, right?



Essie is basically a Unicorn. She has healing powers, magical properties, and she refuses to be handled by men.


  1. Sasha Zinevych

    I’ve never seen these tiny journal before. So cute!! And I tend to agree – art gift is the best kind of gift!

  2. Romana

    Haven’t seen this product from Moleskin but I will search on line. Stunning journal!! and love I your idea and did I say stunning?

  3. Caylee Grey

    Lucky, lucky me. Love you, friend.

  4. Clare Davis Etheridge

    Oh Essie, these are so gorgeous and what a fabulous idea. I had no idea these notebooks even existed! I have just ordered some from amazon. I can’t wait for them to come so I can fill them and send them off.

  5. Diana Campos

    OMGoodness! This is SO cute and such a good idea!! Love it!!

  6. Rachel Phillips

    Absolutely LOVE this!!

  7. Christie Drahnak

    Ooo la la! This is fabulous! Thank you for sharing it!