Messy Spaces

The love of art supplies and art spaces seems to come with the territory of art journaling. I started my art journaling journey with one art journal,a couple of pens and my children’s watercolour paint set. Just typing this makes me almost laugh out loud.The art journaling supplies we collect along the way I think reflect our art journey , I know most of my supplies relate to a course I took or inspiration from a fellow Get Messian or a product ‘review’ in a Facebook chat. So it’s no surprise that inspiration about creative spaces can come from our art journaling community too.

Katie's paint wall

Katie’s paint wall


Anika's lovely, organised space

Anika’s lovely, organised space

One of the brilliant things about Get Messy is community and seeing how other people create, their creative art desks, studios and IKEA Raskog trolleys has made for some great threads in the Facebook group. It can be a feeling of relief that you aren’t the only one with a whole heap of stuff under your table, or whose desk isn’t as pretty as Caylee’s (don’t worry, no-one’s is !). It can inspire a cleaning up frenzy, trying a new way of organising your collage ephemera or paints or starting a Pinterest board of great studio spaces. I think it helps us connect with each other to see the creative mess behind the creation, the spaces we make to art journal in.



Vanessa's standing desk

Vanessa’s standing desk

It’s something we all share, carving out time and space in our lives to create. From our traveling artists with minimal travel kits to those who take over the entire dining room table, are fortunate to have dedicated corners or even a whole room ! – we all get inspired by each other!

Riet's gorgeous mess

Riet’s gorgeous mess

Julia's art desk

Julia’s art desk

So this post is about making time to get your creative zone working for you so that you can sit down and get art journaling without being buried under an avalanche of supplies. It’s about taking time to try an idea that you have seen someone use that you like, maybe sorting out your paint so you can find what you want, or simply scheduling some time to spend in your “studio”. It’s about keeping the conversation going about having space in our lives for creativity.

Sasha's messy spaces - her desk and floor

Sasha’s messy spaces – her desk and floor

Mostly this inspiration post is about enjoying having a peek at some else’s creative stuff and celebrating your passion for art and this wonderful community! I hope you enjoy these images and I know we’d all love to see where you get creative. If you feel like sharing just use the #getmessyspaces so we can find you.


Cait's beautiful place

Cait’s beautiful place

Thanks creative team new and old for your images and inspiration and thank you everyone, you are all fabulous !

Ok, now go Get Messy.

Emily xx

Julia's cozy art space

Julia’s cozy art space

My space and my art trolley after a tidy up

My space and my art trolley after a tidy up


Emily is a young at heart, creative, grateful, happy and enthusiastic woman. Mumma to two beautiful teenagers, wife to lucky husband and furmumma to a mini schnauzer and destructive and spoilt kitty. Having recently declared herself to be a creative, she spends as much time as possible pursuing the things that bring her joy…Yay!


  1. Clare Davis Etheridge

    Katie, I want to live in your paint wall!!! Cait, that fold out spread is amazing, I am so inspired by it. My ‘space’ is the dining table, so I have to come, make a mess then leave!

    • Katie Smith

      I can clear out a space right next to my spray inks if you want to live there like a little elf! 😀

    • Sarah Maddox

      Yes I agree to both comments here!

  2. Sasha Zinevych

    All the heart eyes for these creative spaces! <3

  3. Katie Smith

    I love looking at studios!

  4. julia Thomas

    I love how we all have window views <3 Such a lovely peek into everyone's arty lives!

  5. Melody Willoughby

    emily, this is such a great article! i love seeing these creative spaces.