Adding metallic shine to your pages

Hello wonderful Messians! It’s Zinia here and for this season I’m going to show you a few ideas on how to add beautiful metallic details on your pages.

Each little idea requires different supplies so hopefully you will have some available at your area. You can play around with the looks you like best or mix a few of them together.


The first thing you can try is to use a metallic paste through a stencil. There are lots of brands that create this kind of pastes but if you don’t have that in your stash, you can try and create it on your own. To do so, you just need to mix your regular molding/texture paste with some gold acrylic paint. Of course the result won’t be as shimmery but you will still get a satin finish. If you want it to be more dazzling, you can mix your gold acrylic with heave gloss gel medium.



Another technique I absolutely love using on my pages is gold splatters. It adds the perfect amount of sparkly detail. Again there are many brands and types of inks you can use. Personally I prefer opaque inks to make sure they they stay on top of my background but you can experiment with whatever you have.


A product that I recently discovered is relief paint. It’s basically a dimensional paint with a very fine nozzle that you can use for a bunch of fun techniques. If you can find a gold tube of that paint, I highly recommend that you grab it! You can add all sorts of gorgeous details by doodling on your page with this paint. When it dries it keeps it’s shape so it will give a bit of extra dimension to your creation. You can also use it to outline some design and use it as a barrier for the colors.


For the last technique we are going to use a similar product as the relief paint. It’s called mixtion relief and it’s basically something between relief paint and glue. You apply it the same way but instead of a lovely gold detail, you will get a transparent product. Once you let it dry, it will still have some stickiness to it. That’s exactly what we are looking for.

The drying process will take 1-2 hours so when it’s ready, place a sheet of transfer foil on top of the design and lightly rub it with your fingers or a popsicle stick. The foil will stick to that material and transfer on your design! If you can’t find that specific product, you can experiment with different liquid adhesives that keep their stickiness after they dry.



So that’s it! I really hope you found these techniques and ideas useful and interesting. Let’s make everything shine this season!


Zinia is an art student from Greece. She loves everything about colors, cats, puppies, cupcakes and pretty paper products. Zinia dreams of one day being an art educator and spreading confetti of inspiration to the world.

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  1. Sasha Zinevych

    Ah, love me some gold on the page! <3