Hiding your journaling on your pages

Hello! It’s Anika Lacerte with some tips on hiding your journaling on your pages. Hidden journaling makes it possible to write your thoughts down without sharing them with others. For example, if you want to share your art journal pages online but don’t want others to read your private journaling. Or perhaps you want to add journaling to your page but have run out of room or don’t like your handwriting. I asked the other creative team members if they had any examples to share.

Redacted words

I thought it would be fun to make my own redacted document by journaling with my typewriter and then blacking out some of the words with a sharpie.


Hide in plain sight

Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd shared how she creates ‘harder to read, hide in plain sight’ journaling:

“Write out what you are feeling in one long sentence with no punctuation. When you have covered the space go in again with rest of your journaling but write in the space underneath what is there and overlap it slightly. This will blur your journaling making it harder to read but not impossible if ever you want to remember what you were writing about.” Here’s her example:


Cover with tissue paper

I tried Vanessa’s technique and then covered my words with tissue paper. I used matte modge podge (for the first time!) and an old credit card to stick layers of white tissue paper on top of my journaling. The tissue paper was quite fragile and I think I would try a piece of vellum paper instead so it’s not so fragile. (If you have suggestions about gluing tissue paper to a page without it tearing, please leave a comment at the end of this post).


Cover with a stencil

In this example I used a circle stencil to partially cover my journaling.


Blurred words

Another example from Vanessa is to write out what you want using a water soluble medium (here she used a watercolour pen) and then run a wet brush through the writing. Once again, this blurs it just enough. You decide how blurred to make it. Here’s her example:


Make a flap to cover your journaling

You can see in the following images how Tanyalee Kahler made a flap on her page to hide her journaling:


Spraypaint over

Cait Sherwood spray-painted over her journaling:


Use an envelope

Another suggestion from Cait is to journal on the back of a photo and then store it inside an envelope that is glued to a page:


I glued a small envelope to my page with modge podge and then stuck my private note inside.


Cover it with paint or collage

Emily Doddrell wrote “my go to for hidden journaling is write in the page first, uncensored thoughts and all, then cover with whatever is at hand and takes my fancy e.g. paint or collage.” Here’s her example:


Have you ever hidden your journaling?


Anika likes art journaling, scrapbooking, photography and DIY projects. She is an introvert; her Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ. Anika lives in a small town in BC, Canada with her husband and their two girls.


  1. Sarah

    So many great ideas! And for tissue paper, I only use glue sticks.

    • Katie Smith

      I use glue sticks as well.

  2. Katie Smith

    Thank you for these examples!!

  3. Sasha Zinevych

    Awesome ideas! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  4. Rose Sheridan

    I use a thin layer of matte medium with tissue paper and only glue the page. Once it’s dry I go over the tissue paper with matte medium but I tap it with the brush rather than pasting it as I find that lifts the tissue. I love these ideas for journaling – I’ve used overlapping lines but will be trying the others now