Gifts Creative Team Inspiration

The end of the year is officially here and that means it is time for our creative team to say farewell. We know they have inspired you guys endlessly with their wisdom and beauty, but for us they have become our closest friends and family here at Get Messy and we are unbearably sad to see them go. Take some time to visit their pages today (see them all here) and tell them how much you love them!! And be sure you are following them whereever you follow people so you don’t miss any of the amazing things they hav coming up. They have grown and evolved so much over this year and we like to think that Get Messy has been a tiny part of that reason and now many of them are on to do HUGE things in the art world. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you 2016 Creative Team. We love you!!

Emily, who has a heart of gold inside her heart and her art.

Jules, who drips color and sunshine.

Vanessa, who is our rock and our professor telling us all we must learn and grow!

Anika, who is our quiet minimalist that never ceases to knock us off our feet with her beautiful designs.

Cait, who is a superstar and we are grateful only to be in her presence.

Torrie!!! Who made this incredible babe!!

Also, Torrie, who we love like a sister (omg lylas) and who changed the world with her teeny tiny art journals.

Katie, who just needs to stop being so flipping creative and cool and talented. It’s just not fair.

Tanyalee, who Time Magazine named THE art journaler to watch for on the art world horizons this year.

We love you CT!