How to make a prompt-producing DIY chatterbox game

Hi there everyone, Tanyalee here with a bit of a fun tutorial post. Today I am going to teach you to make an origami fortune teller/chatterbox that I have designed with art journaling prompts. You can use this over and over when you are lacking inspiration as a quick and easy way to get messy and make pages. So let’s get started. First of all you will need to download the template.

Step 1: Once you have printed the template, cut it out following the solid black border. You should end up with a square.


Step 2: Make two folds, one each along the horizontal and vertical axis.



Step 3: Make two more folds along each diagonal axis. You should end up with a sheet with 4 fold lines.



Step 4: Turn the square over so the text is face down. Fold the corner into the middle point (see photo below). Do this with each corner.



Step 5: Turn the square over again so the all of the folded corners are face down. Again fold each corner in towards the midpoint.



Step 6: Fold the square in half in each direction.


Step 7: Start to pry open the paper tabs with your fingers to create room for your fingers and thumbs to hold the fortune teller.


Step 8: Now you are ready to play the game. Pick an item from the outside tabs (gesso, paper, collage, glue) and spell it out using the fortune teller.

Step 9: Next pick a colour from the inside tabs and spell it out. Repeat this step again, this time lift the flap and write down your first prompt.


Step 10: Repeat this process two or three more times (or as many as you feel like really).


Step 11: Make a page using your prompts. You can either do this in the order the prompts came out of your fortune teller/chatterbox, or you can mix them up and do them in any order you like. I chose to mix mine up.


Scrape on some paint with a credit/gift card



Add a quote, or a song lyric or a poem; Doodle using black or white pen.

Download the Chatterbox

Save this file to your computer, print it out, play the game, and create some art journal pages!

Here are some finished pages from members of the Creative Team. I love seeing how the same prompts can create such diverse pages. Thanks for demonstrating ladies.


Katie (@katiebug92)


Emily (@squiggleandswirl)


Tanyalee (@drawingboardau)


Vanessa (@dansmoncrane)


Torrie (@foxandhazel)


Tanyalee is a mum to three grown up kids, a wife to her childhood sweetheart, a full time graphic designer and a part time crafter/art journaler. She loves growing veggies to feed her family, she loves raising her fur babies (cats, rabbits and guinea pigs) and she loves spending her spare time just pottering around her house. Tanyalee LOVES being at home more than anything else – as long as her family is nearby.


  1. Clare Davis Etheridge

    Such a great idea, I need to pop to the library and get this printed! What is the sketchbook you are using here Tanyalee? I love the look of it.

    • Tanyalee Kahler

      Thanks Clare. It’s an Australian company, Signature Sensations I think it’s called. The pages are made of recycled cotton and are heavenly.

  2. TC Larson

    How fun! I love the whole idea of giving ourselves prompts or next steps when we get to that point where we aren’t sure where to head with a page. My daughter just recently brought home her first origami “fortune teller” and I was immediately brought back to my own childhood. I never thought to incorporate it into my art journaling! Thanks so much!

  3. Gilly Welch

    What a fabulous idea…definitely one for a day when inspiration is laking, thank TLee.

  4. Sasha Zinevych

    Uuuu, I like this game! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Tanyalee!

  5. Vanessa Cabrera

    This is great!! Especially these days where we are not very inspired, this can help!!

  6. Meghan Deinhard

    What a great idea!!!!! We used to call these “cootie catchers”. This will work perfectly for my 90 days of playing with my art. I’m off to make mine and then my page! Thank you.

  7. Sarah Fuchs

    Oh, this will be so much fun exploring while we’re in between seasons.

  8. Jennifer

    this is BRILLIANT! So excited to play with this, especially when I’m stuck. Thank you so much Tanyalee!

  9. Teresa Benson

    I love this! Can’t wait to play! 🙂

  10. Nina george

    this is great – printing it out now!

  11. HeidiHallett

    This is awesome!

  12. Ottershaw20

    Liked this lesson a bunch!