Using vellum to create soft layers

Hello wonderful Messians! It’s Zinia here again to share with you a tutorial/idea inspired by the theme of this season.

When I first saw that we are having a season of Dreams, the first thing that came to my mind was soft and blurry images. I don’t know about you but when it comes to dreams, I don’t really get a very clear impression of what’s going on. So I thought that it would be a really great idea to layer up some sheets of vellum and use them as inserts to create that blurry image effect.


I started by picking some sheets of vellum. I included some printed and gold foiled designs to add some extra interest to my “page”. You can really layer as many sheets as you want just keep in mind that if you add too many, your last layers won’t be visible unless you start turning the pages. You can go wild and make an interactive mini journal where you can flip the pages and discover things that are happening far in the background.


To fill up my empty vellum sheets, I decided to use some dark and bold images. This way it will be easier to see them through a few layers. On my first page I added some clear stickers with some outlined designs. This would have worked nicely layered behind some sheets but I decided to use it at the front cause I wanted the “cover” of my layers to have some distinct details and theme.


There are infinite options on what to add on your layers. You can doodle on them and build up a whole scenery, stamp or even write some quote like I did.


You can also mess around with some mixed media, but keep in mind that your vellum will most likely warp and depending on what sort of medium you use it may not be as visible. I chose to add some modeling paste through a stencil and put it almost at the bottom of my layers. I know it won’t be visible when you look the full stack but once you start flipping the pages you will see something subtle appearing at the back.


Once you decide the order that you want to layer your pages, you can stitch them together, staple them or just tape them in your journal. You can even make a mini journal just with vellum sheets if you want to experiment a bit further with this idea. Sadly the camera doesn’t capture exactly how this look when I have my sheets layered on my desk but when I put some light behind it, you can see it a bit better.


See how many of the layers still shine through when I have all the pages together.


Then, when I start flipping some of them, more details start appearing.


I really hope you give this a try. You can even do it in a smaller scale by layering one or two sheets on top of your journal pages. I think it’s a really fun way to create a magical, dreamy look without much effort.


Zinia is an art student from Greece. She loves everything about colors, cats, puppies, cupcakes and pretty paper products. Zinia dreams of one day being an art educator and spreading confetti of inspiration to the world.


  1. Cheryl Angelini

    Nice tutorial ! I hope I have some vellum bc I definitely want to try this on a page. Thanks!

  2. Katie Smith

    I love the dreamy look of vellum!

  3. Melody Willoughby

    Brilliant! I am always looking for new ways to use vellum.

  4. Jeanine Hajdukiewicz

    Zinia! This is Sooo beautiful! Sadly, just a few months ago we moved into a much smaller space. I had a Giant Stack of see-thru paper for drafting like, & I had to get rid of it I could kick myself now!! I just couldn’t come up with anything for its use.. Anyways, the sheets I managed to keep I will definitely now be using for my new venture in art Journalling. I look forward to more of your tutorials.


    I love vellum but I never know what to do with it. I can’t Wait to try this out with some of the vellum that I have.