How to set your Intentions for the Season

Hi Get Messians, Emily here with some ideas for you to get the most out of your Get Messy membership each season.

I know the feeling of eagerly awaiting the prompts to be up on the blog and I also know the feeling of feeling a bit deflated because I haven’t created as much as I thought I would. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone with this, The beginning of each season is a new start and you might think Ok, this season is going to be different. This season I will … ( insert your thoughts). Well I’ve got some ideas that I think will make a difference, and for the record I am going be doing this too !

Set your own, just for you, intentions.

Not what you think you should be doing, but what you actually want to do and what you think will be achievable for you (without having a crystal ball to predict the future of course). Some examples of this could be :

  • Create one spread a week using GM prompts
  • Try a new Tutorial every second week
  • Join the Get Messy Habit group and commit to making and sharing your pages for each week of the season.
  • Spending some time each day playing in your art journal
  • Adding a link to your page from the weekly link up here on the blog.
  • Fill a mini journal and post a flip through video on IG
  • Your awesome idea !

Record your intentions somewhere.

In the front of your journal, on a journal page at the start of the season, or maybe as a note on your phone .

Plan for the time when you can do this and schedule that time.

Why can’t “Get Messy Time “ be written in your planner or added to your calendar with a reminder? Hopefully your family or SO are super supportive but if not make a sign that says “DO NOT DISTURB BECAUSE I AM GETTING MESSY” and stick it on your door or on your head when it’s time to create your pages lol. You might need this sign for yourself and stick it on your phone so you don’t get distracted by social media. Be it in 5 minute increments or an afternoon we need time to actually art journal right ?

Consider making a place to store some Inspiration

I mean I don’t know about you but between here, IG, Pinterest and the FB group I am always thinking ooh must try that, wouldn’t mind reading that, haven’t thought of that before, maybe I could do that course or visit that online ephemera shop. Our brains just can’t hold on to all of that information (well at least mine can’t). I’m considered using the last two pages of my art journal to just jot things down .

Ideas for this :

  • A designated notebook for art journal inspiration
  • A note/ folder on your computer or phone
  • some pages in your art journal
  • a folder in TODOIST (Caylee is an expert on this and thanks to Level Up I am learning slowly to become a more organized person and utilize technology a little more.)
  • Not if you can help it, on a post it note that gets stuck to the back of something and lost or at the bottom of your shopping list ( one of my bad habits).


Refer back to your intentions during the season, how are you doing with it.

Did life get in the way (that’s ok there’s still time) or have you managed to achieve them ( go you, give yourself a pat on the back, put a tick next to your intentions).

Just keep going, keep creating , checking out the # on IG if have time, if you posted a link then go and check out what some other Messians have been up to. Leave some positive feedback, we all thrive on encouragement and this community is really one of the best things about Get Messy. Get involved and be boosted by it.

That’s it, sounds simple right ? I’d love to hear if you have any intentions for this season and any ideas for Inspiration storage.

Ok so now let’s go make something, Let’s GET MESSY ! GO !


Emily is a young at heart, creative, grateful, happy and enthusiastic woman. Mumma to two beautiful teenagers, wife to lucky husband and furmumma to a mini schnauzer and destructive and spoilt kitty. Having recently declared herself to be a creative, she spends as much time as possible pursuing the things that bring her joy…Yay!


  1. Stephanie manic

    Thanks Emily! I’ll try to… do a to do list and a folder with some inspirations for my AJ! Yes!

  2. Jennifer

    What great ideas, Emily! This is also a great way to journal where you are in your art journal journey and tune back into the season of introspection a bit. Great post xx

  3. Anke Kramer

    Great ideas and post – very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Vanessa Oliver-lloyd

    These are some great ideas Emily. It’s a good way to approach the Season.

    • Emily@squiggleandswirl

      Thanks Vanessa, I think it’s helped me to feel less overwhelmed .

  5. Riet

    Such a great input, Emily! I like your ideas! When I felt bad and couldn’t paint as much as I wanted I started with the intention to only paint one page per week and that is totally ok and fine. The feeling of less pressure stuck with me and so I still make these little intentions, little steps, and it feels so much better!

  6. Lauren Hooper

    Em! I love this! I have been trying to set out intentional time to be creative each day, but I love actually writing it in my planner, tues/thurs Get Messy time and then setting a timer. Done. Also, I decided to just keep a note on my phone with a list of ideas since I always have it instead wishing I could put them on pinterest or a pretty notebook, but using the easiest thing on hand. Thanks friend!