Creating pages inspired by cover art

Hello messy dearest. I have a really fun challenge for you today. This one hits me right in the (good) feels and I hope you’ll love it too.

We’re gonna go way back and pick a favorite album from our teen years and create an art journal page based on the album cover art.


We all have those very special, very first albums. I’ve listened to Songs of Faith and Devotion by Depeche Mode so much that I eventually wore the disc out and somehow lost it. It’s one of those rare albums where I love every single song and hearing one of them completely enthralls me – so I obviously had to make a page based on the it.


I knew right from the get go that I wanted to use both the colors and the style of elements from the album cover on my own page. I wanted to work with the black background, the portraits and the purple tint in particular.


I glued a torn piece of paper from a magazine onto my page with these lovely ladies on and proceeded to add a wash of purple ink to select parts of the page.


I also added a bit of red watercolor for complexity. Nothing is done very neatly because most of it will be covered with black in a moment anyways.


There we go, a generous layer of black acrylic paint. Nice and opaque. I waited for the paint to dry completely and added my text using an alpha stencil and my beloved Posca paint markers – perfect for writing on top of a black background.


gm_ninachristensen_music_06 gm_ninachristensen_music_08

I had the album playing as I created this and ended up using a bit of the lyrics as my art journaling:

I will have faith in man
That is hard to understand
Show some humility
You have the ability
Get right with me

gm_ninachristensen_music_09 gm_ninachristensen_music_10

And here’s another example of using album cover art as my inspiration. This time it’s the glorious Origin of Symmetry by Muse.


I remember buying this album in France while on holiday and listening to it on my brother’s discman in the back of the car driving across France. I sat there in the backseat with tears in my eyes and reveled in the beauty of it. It still stops me in my tracks and fills my heart when I hear it.

Here I borrowed the color scheme (yellow, white and black) and the vertical elements.


Not only was it extremely heartwarming to listen to these old favorite albums while making my art – it was also a surprisingly effective way to get out of the comfort zone and achieve a completely different look than I can usually think up on my own.

I challenge you to pick a much loved album from your teens and use it as inspiration to make an art journal page. And if you have any stories or nostalgia attached do tell!

Have fun making.


Nina is a self-­employed graphic designer from Denmark. She’s always been way into paper, paint and crafts but totally neglected it during her teens and early twenties. When she had her daughter in 2010 Nina discovered scrapbooking and suddenly realized that inky hands and paper play isn’t just for kids.


  1. Tanyalee Kahler

    Oh Nina – I love this idea. Now to go back through the years to the late 80s and find some album covers to recreate!

    • Deborah Wittstock

      Nina – this is fantastic! What a great prompt.

  2. Cheryl Angelini

    What a fun prompt! Love what you made! Going back to the 80s

  3. Alex Whatton

    Gorg gorg gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing! So simple and smart to look at the album cover to get a color story you may not have used before!!

  4. julia Thomas

    I don’t know how I missed this post but what a cool idea! I’ll totally be trying this out! <3

  5. Riet

    How did I missed this! Soo good! I need to try it. Thank you, Nina!