Drawing inspiration from Andy Warhol

Hi Get Messians, it’s Karen here with another creative team post.
I don’t know about you but it can be really hard to come up with ideas sometimes for your journal. It’s annoying to feel “stuck” when all you want to do it make isn’t it? One of my sure fire ways to come up with some ideas is to look at the work of other artists and use some of their style as a stepping stone.
I’ve gotten together with some of my fellow creative team members to make some projects inspired by the amazing Andy Warhol.
Inspired by Warhol 01
I took a photo of Frida Kahlo (Viva la Frida she’s a whole other blog post!) and I printed it out in black and white. You could easily use any photo for this technique.
I ran it through the photocopier on high contract a few times. I photocopied the photocopy to get the contrast nice and high. If you don’t have access to a photocopier you could do this in a photo editing program too. Just keep playing until you have a nice black and white image, you want high contrast areas.
Inspired By Warhol 02
I took out all my fluorescent paints and painted a random background over my pages. Warhol used a lot of high contrast colors in his work and any excuse to use neon makes me happy.
Inspired by Warhol 03
I placed the photocopied image on top of a piece of carbon paper and drew around all of the black edges on the photograph. Don’t worry about it looking weird at this stage it will very soon take shape.
Inspired By Warhol 04
Here you can see my image and the photocopied image side by side. I coloured in my image using my copic markers but you could just as easily use paint. I kept the photo next to me to reference back to which came in handy.
You can see below all of the amazing images that Vanessa, Tanyalee and Torrie made. They’re all so different but each started from the same inspiration point.
Next time you’re stuck for an idea don’t forget to look to other artists for inspiration, you never know what you will come up with!
My interpretation of an Andy Warhol art journal page. I made a stencil using a photo of Justin Bieber (yes I know it actually looks like James Dean, but you get the idea). Then I lay down coloured sections using tissue paper and watercolor. I stencilled over the top of the paint using black gesso, but could just have easily used acrylic paint. The effect is bright and colourful, and really fun. Then I added a quote by Warhol himself, but forgot to reference that on the layout before I photographed it. Ooooops.
Cheers Tanyalee
VOL-Warhol (3) VOL-Warhol (4)
Vanessa’s Tribute!
Torrie - Andy Warhol Inspo
I was inspired by the Marilyn Monroe diptych, one of Warhol’s best known artworks. I switched in Iggy Azalea for Marilyn since she’s one of my favourite artists, and this photo was perfect to create a faux silk screen effect with.
After painting with acrylic on the page, I then collaged images of Iggy printed onto vellum over top. The final results is a bit wrinkled, but ultimately reflects the artistic style of Warhol.


Karen is an Artist. She arts like a boss and believes that you should too. Karen loves Poppies, triangles, colour and hand lettering. She’s all about the process and loves to complete pages that take days to make and ones that take minutes to make as well.


  1. Vanessa Oliver-lloyd

    So lovely to see everyone’s take on this. Just as a reminder my Tampax tribute is following Warhol’s wonderful way of painting the most ordinary things and putting a political spin on them.

  2. Gilly Welch

    Great blog post Karen, always lovely to see other ways to journal…very inspiring, thank you!

    • Gilly Welch

      …and to Vanessa, Tanyalee & Torrie too!

  3. anna friesen

    Great ideas, Karen! Didn’t know you were on the Get Messy team! 🙂