A guide to the transfer technique

Hey Get Messians 🙂 It’s Kathleen here and today I want to share a technique with you that you can use to incorporate photos or magazine clippings into your art journals. Here are two pages on which I’ve used this technique: gm-phototransfertape-01



Kathleen is a 20-something year-old papercrafter, scrapbooker, coffee addict and travel enthusiast from Germany. She loves pretty paper, the embellishments and especially the opportunity to document all those little moments that make life wonderful.


  1. Jackie Haddock

    Thank you for a great video, this looks simple & fun, definitely worth a try.
    p.s. It’s called ‘sticky backed plastic’ in the UK. lol x

  2. Karen Baruth

    I’ve done this technique several times. I use a glue stick that dries clear to adhere it into my journal, just to make sure it’s stuck down well. It’s one of my most favorite techniques. Your tutorial was well done!

  3. Tina Johnstone

    I’m in the U.S. and I was having a difficult time finding the big sticky tape. I ended up finding it on Amazon when I searched for “sticky backed plastic” also. (Thanks, Jackie Haddock!)

    I already tried the technique with regular, small packing tape and LOVE IT. I’ll be doing it again! Thanks for sharing.

    • Jenny Sehlstedt

      Tina, it could be called book laminating film also.

  4. Vanessa Oliver-lloyd

    one of my favorite techniques Kathleen 🙂 You did really well!

  5. Sue Taylor

    Really enjoyed this Kathleen and hope to give it a try soon 🙂 I’m sure I have a roll of sticky back plastic lying around just waiting to be used for this!

  6. Tamsin Morrell

    Awesome tutorial! Just gave it a try and it worked!
    In Canada we call it “mack tack” 🙂