Making A Tag Book

Hello, favourites! It’s Essie again, back to share how I’ve been approaching this season of lists.

Now, I am a crazy busy person. Like a lot of women, I wear many hats, and routinely need to divide my attention between a diverse series of roles and responsibilities. I’m a mum, a partner, an artist, a writer, and a whole lot of other things that aren’t as easy to label.

The upshot is that if I am going to be successful with an ongoing project that needs my attention daily, I need to set myself up for success before I begin.

I’ve done the 30 lists challenge a couple of times now, and loved it. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and my number one take home lesson has been: get organised before you start. That makes it as easy as possible to stay on track AND, as easy as possible to catch back up again if life happens and you fall a little behind.

So, this time around, I decided to go with a format for my lists that was contained, portable, flexible, and easy to set up in advance. A tag book immediately sprang to mind, and I grabbed onto the idea and ran with it.


Tag books are fun because they let you play with loads of different papers at once, and experiment with layering, pattern, and texture.


They’re also great because when you’re doing a project like 30 Lists, you can just make sure you always have a few tags tucked into your planner, notebook, or diary, and jot your list of the day down whenever a moment of inspiration grabs you.


Tags can be embellished as extravagantly as you like, but they’re also fine when left really simple. Each one is an awesome little blank canvass full of potential.

Personally, when I’m working on a project like this I like to pull a little stash of coordinated embellishments before I begin, and have them ready to draw from over the course of the project. This means I don’t overthink any one list, and just work with what I have, making the whole process quicker and more streamlined.


Tag books are also really cheap! You can use scraps of paper to make them – offcuts and pieces of leftover detritus. All you have to do is trim them down and punch a hole in them.


I tend to hold mine together with binder rings, but you can also use a piece of ribbon, lace or twine.



Tag books are rad, and lend themselves so well to lists. I hope you’ll have a go at making one.

Do you have any other small journaling and listing formats that work really well for you?


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