The Season of Lists is our first collaborative season and we are partnering with the A-mazing ladies from 30 Days of Lists, Amy + Kam, to bring you a different, but equally inspiring new season. This season will feature 60 (!!!) prompts, 30 lists and 30 art prompts, so there will be MORE than enough content here to keep you busy, busy, busy making, making, making!

The list format is different for most Get Messians and the art journal format will be different for most Listers, but we have already heard from some of you how challenging and stretching this season is going to be, in the best way. So, we can guarantee that if you will get out your favorite supplies, sit down with the prompts and just start, you will step back and see something new and exciting happening on your pages.

Here’s a list of a few reasons why we love Get Messy! 

  1. The awesome community
  2. The amazing artists, creatives, makers and friends in it
  3. The insanely inspiring creative team
  4. All the new techniques and ideas we learn each week
  5. YOU!!

Kam Altar + Amy Schubert

30 Days of Lists started in March 2011 when Kam couldn’t find a creative challenge that was easy to complete and celebrated all types of talents (not just the prettiest pages or the most popular bloggers at the time) so she decided to create my own. She knew she wanted to do something list-based and as she was brainstorming, she opened a fortune cookie…the fortune instructed me to bring more people into my big idea and great things would come of it. “okay, cookie!” Kam contacted Amy and 30 Days of Lists was born. 

Lots of Xs, Os, paintbrushes and glitter

Caylee, Amy & Kam