We chose this theme because there was no other word better to describe how HAPPY Get Messy makes us, how HAPPY we are that you are joining us and how much we all need a little more HAPPY in our lives. So come shake off those winter blues, dust off your art supplies and make some HAPPY art journal pages with us. This season, and this new year, we have so many great things in store for you from prompts to tutorials and inspiration to special collaborations. Not to give away any hints, but there will be some explosions of HAPPINESS happening in this space. If you fear HAPPY or feel like you don’t want to paint rainbows and butterflies on everything, trust us. Our goal is to always, always! push you to think outside of the box and experiment and seek new ideas and techniques. And we promise to do that with HAPPY.

We are truly humbled every day to think that a little idea we had about creating consistently and sharing has turned into such a magical place like Get Messy. We cannot believe that something we started, so small and so personal, has transformed into a community of artists who leave us speechless. We know that we alone are not the reason you are here and stick around, but we are grateful that you do. We stick around for the same reasons you do: the community. The inspiration, encouragement and friendships that we have made through Get Messy daily impact our lives and we are so grateful that you all show up and share each day with us. We cannot wait to see what this season holds for you and for all of us. Thank you a million times over for being here.

🎨 ✨