Welcome to the first official season of the Get Messy experience!

This program was built around the basis of building a creative habit and being accountable to your goal of that.

It may seem like a lot of pressure to create three (or more or less) pages between a Monday and Friday, but once you actually sit down and do it that feeling will go away. Too many times we invest our good money into programs that we glance at and then never actually use. So we wanted to make this program be the exact opposite. Of course, you don’t have to follow along and participate weekly, but if you do set aside time each week to create, (and hold yourself accountable to that by sharing in the link ups) you will see your artistic skills soar in level and your blank page syndrome will disappear. So, take time to establish a habit and routine of when and where you will create your pages and just start.

🎨 ✨