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It’s time for us to go back to our roots.

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My dear beautiful, beautiful Messy Artist

It’s time for us to go back to our roots.

Get Messy has always been a place that evolves and adapts and fits around your life rather than the other way around.

It’s never been a place where you have to change to be a part of it. It’s always been something where it can fit into your life as it is right now, as you are right now, it can fit into your art practice. It can fit into your crazy life with all your different responsibilities and all the people that love you and are taking up your time.

Over this past year, we’ve seen each season adapt. It’s been new. We’ve had something a little different each month.

But there’s something I’ve been planning for you.

I am excited about a lot of things and I am easily excited but this one is really good. This is a really good one.

Get Messy is going back to her roots.

Back when GM started in 2014, it started out as a challenge. It started out as an invitation to create. It started out between a bunch of different bloggers on their different blogs and it was just responding to a challenge, and a prompt, and an invitation. Each week we shared two pages from our art journal and over time it was centered around a prompt.

So this particular iteration… adaption… evolution… of Get Messy is one that’s very close to my heart. Going forward, Get Messy is going to have the structure of a weekly challenge.

What that means:

  • Expect a new challenge for your art making every single Monday. Every single Monday there will be a new prompt… challenge… invitation… catalyst to your creating.
  • You’ll be able to choose if you want to do the challenge or if you’d like to rest that week. A season feels like a lot if you opt out that month. A week? Doesn’t feel like a lot. It gives you enough time to lay low but also enough to come back and not forget everything you know.
  • With this current evolution, you get to decide even more how it fits into your life. You get to choose what aligns with you, what resonates with you, what lights your fire. You can create at the same time as everyone else or take your time – indulge, take it slow, find the beauty in taking it slow. There’s a lot of room for middle ground.
  • Each Monday you’ll be introduced to a new artist – a new way to see the world and your art practice. You’ll also receive a challenge from them and a bit of encouragement. Each artist will put their own spin on things and part of that is the fact that you’re encouraged to put your own spin on things. It’s a learning process to do that, and to not have FOMO.

The artists that will be encouraging you and sparking ideas and art creation and new ways of thinking are incredible. I promise you. A lot of them you won’t know yet. A lot will be brand spanking new and a lot of the way they see things will be new.

I’m excited for all of that.

Who we are and who we are as artists is a mosaic. We take on this whole world around us and we take on all these influences and we reshuffle them to make it our own. And that’s what this next thing is.

We’ll still have seasons each month. They’ll serve as a focus for the month. You can decide what that means to you. I’ll share what it means to me and other artists will share what it means to them.

In the end, I’m giving you the raw materials. It’s you that’s going to create something from it.

Your first challenge starts on Monday. I love your face. I’m wildly excited about your creating and can’t wait to see what you’re going to do.

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Caylee Grey

Caylee Grey is the host of Get Messy and a South African perfectionist currently pursuing imperfection.