Download the prompts for the season

Save this file to your computer, print it out, and keep it inside your journal to spark journal ideas.

Prompt #11

Create an ink blot page to explore how one page reflects on the other. Vanessa’s Using Ink Blots to Connect to Your Intuition tutorial in the Season of Introspection will lead you.

Prompt #12

Imagine looking at yourself in a pool of water. Pass your hand over the reflection and see yourself as an animal. What animal do you see and what does this animal mean to you? Have a conversation with this animal in your page, inspired artistically by its color or texture as well as what it reflects about you.

Prompt #13

Look at how your art has grown! Share three of your favourites inside Get Messy or on Instagram. Take a page you have previously created and redo it with your current skillset, and favourite tools and techniques.

Prompt #14 by Holly

Reflect upon those thoughts from your very own “itty-bitty-shitty committee” inside your head. Write them down in big loopy lettering, angry lettering, or however it feels best for you. Then turn your journal one quarter turn and write those thoughts over them. Do it again and again until you have replaced those thoughts with an affirming thought for yourself. Write that affirmation boldly on the page or over the hidden journaling.

Prompt #15 by Thea

Reflect on a topic and write your journaling in the shape of the subject you’re writing about.

Prompt #16

Reflect on your time as an artist. How has this impacted your life? How has being a messy artist

Action Steps


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