Free Lesson: Symbols of You

Welcome to Symbols Of You. Together we will be exploring how the use of colors, words, and symbolism can be used to illustrate the positive energy we would like to celebrate and bring more of as we think of who we are and who we are becoming.

In this lesson, we will be exploring the idea of using the positive properties of ancient Egyptian amulets. These amulets were believed to magically bestow powers upon their owners. This magical power was often derived from a combination of several aspects, such as the amulet’s shape, decoration, inscription, color, material, and words spoken over the piece. Amulets were usually worn or placed on the body to transfer their powers directly to the owner. Throughout this lesson we will be thinking of images and symbolism we can use to depict the positive things we want to celebrate about ourselves or experience more of within our lives.

Claudette Hasenjager

Claudette Hasenjager is a mixed-media artist living in sunny South Africa. She firmly believes that art has the power to heal the soul. It is this deep calling from within that has fuelled her passion for exploring various forms of creative expression. The work she creates reflects the many facets of her inner landscape and gives expression to her multi-passionate personality. Throughout all her creative adventures she strives to inspire others to heed the call of their own unique creative yearning and free their artist soul.


  • Collage papers
  • Paints
  • Paint markers
  • Image of you


  • Gather papers to create your collage background. Think of colors, images, and patterns that symbolize you.
  • Use paint, pens, and other supplies to further personalize and complete your journal background.
  • Once your background is ready, add an image of you. This could either be a printed image, or you could paint or sketch your portrait.
  • Now it is time to start adding your amulets. These are symbols that represent the positive things you would like to experience more of in your life. These symbols can either be painted on or collaged using printed images.

    Action Steps


    use Claudette’s process as inspiration to create a page that symbolizes you

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