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In this class you will learn how to create image transfers using acrylic medium and how to combine this technique with other mediums like paints, inks, and different types of papers to create beautifully intricate pages and spreads in your art journals. Image transfers are a simple art technique that can help you create art journal pages that are soft, beautiful and intriguing.

Following the lessons in this course will help you pull viewers into your pages for a closer look to search all of the hidden layers and details for all that is hidden just beneath the surface.

This course will help you take the next step you need in your art to begin creating thoughtful and thorough pages. In Transference you will learn to love the beauty of transferring images to give them the dreamy appearance of hand painted art and how to problem solve when transfers go wrong. This course is perfect for anyone looking to expand their creative toolkit and learn to work slowly and methodically in their journal as you learn the art of image transferring.

Your teacher

Tiffany Julia


Tiffany is an artist of many trades living in New York City, who has an absolute passion for travel and documenting her everyday life. She’s been art journaling since 2012 and considers image transfers a staple in all of her journals. In fact, her art journals are never quite complete without a good ol’ image transfer spread. She’s so excited to be teaching the technique because it seems to rarely be used in art journaling. When she’s not art journaling, she’s scrapbooking, filming videos, or writing music. She loves anything pastel, floral, and shabby chic.

Lesson Plan

In the class

Get Messy membership

Get Messy is a catalyst for artistic growth, a guide for creative living through art journaling, a platform for rising artists of all types, and a creative community.

Visual teaching

Video, text, and image based lessons to give an all-encompassing learning experience.

Expert advice

In Get Messy classes, teachers share secrets, processes, and techniques openly and with a whole bunch of heart.

Actionable exercises

Action steps to help you begin practising what you learn right away. We kinda pride ourselves on how practical our classes are...

Print-ready workbook

A beautiful, printable workbook to accompany you on your creative adventure.

Art tribe

You don't only get the best teacher, but you get the best classmates. You have access to the course teacher, student support, and inspiration through the Get Messy Forums and the course hashtag.

Student art

Pssst: You could be making art like this…


Get Messy is your invitation to ignore perfection in lieu of making a mess, playing, and having serious fun. Your permission slip to ignore the dishes and work on your creative habit. Your connection to others who are on the same path as you. People who have “made it” as artists and those who are just beginning. Get Messy empowers you to live a creative life with a regular creative practice and a community of enthusiastic and creative people who totally get that feeling of too many art supplies, not enough time.

To help you really ignite that spark, Get Messy has:

Art and journaling prompts

Art technique tutorials that you can fit into your schedule

Actionable inspiration

A place to ask questions, share your unbridled enthusiasm for your favorite type of glue, and discuss living a creative life with others trying to do the same!

Digital art dates - artist-led live masterclass where you create alongside other Get Messians (this is the amazing community part we keep talking about!)

A massive library with 16 full classes, 28 past seasons, and 15 live masterclasses led by artist-teachers

Whether you’re a full-time artist or trying to fit in creative time anywhere you can, you’ll never be without creative ideas. 


I wouldn’t be able to create so much work without get messy's constant support and appreciation.

Prior to becoming a Messian, I had this black hole inside me – it asked for something, some creativity, some inspiration, but I didn’t know how to feed it. As I joined get Messy, I discovered a whole new world where creativity could be a part of your everyday life.


Get Messy will change your life. I can’t really remember pre-Get Messy anymore. Almost instantly after joining, I became more creative, more motivated to create and most importantly (for me) I met and connected with a group of the loveliest, truly like minded people for what felt like the first time ever.


I am forever grateful for this community who not only make me feel loved but also cause me to laugh…a lot! Since joining Get Messy I’ve created so much more, I’ve become more consistent in my creative practice each year since I’ve joined, and I’ve found amazing people to share life’s journey with. Get Messy has been a lifesaver and a home to me.

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What format do I receive the class in?

Upon purchase, you will be redirected to create a login for the private site. You can choose your own username and password. All of your content is accessible to you under one username.

The class will be available through this private site, along with a workbook in PDF format for you to download and print.

Do I have to start on a specific date?

No, this is a self-paced class. You start when you are ready and work according to your own rhythm.

What do I need for this class?

A detailed list of supplies is included in the course, but the main supplies you will need are a journal and an acrylic gel medium.

How long do I have access to this class?

As long as you are a Get Messy member.

Can I contact the teacher if I have questions?

Since this is a self-paced class, we recommend tagging the teacher on Instagram when you share your work or sending her a DM. 

Can I share my work and what I learn in this class?

Yes! Please share your work and your responses to the class on your social media sites of choice. We love Instagram, so share your pages using the course hashtag #gmtransference and you may see your work shared on the Get Messy account. We also have Galleries with student work within Get Messy for very specific inspiration.