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Return to Self is a journey focused on reconnecting with your authentic heart.

Can you allow yourself to make art that comes from your heart? The sometimes ugly, sometimes beautiful, but always real heart. The real heart. The heart that whispers. The heart that’s under the surface. The heart that you have to dig for.

All the bits of life tend to get in the way. For the entirety of 2022, they’ve been getting in my way.

Return to Self will unearth the art that exists in the depths of your beings. The art that’s not on the surface, the art you have to dig for. That unearths you.

In Return to Self, we will show up imperfectly and vulnerability so that others can do the same.

Through our journal, each other, and the inexplicable magic of Showing Up, we will return to self.

Become the artist you were meant to be. Unearth the artist that your heart of hearts wants to be – by connecting deeply with yourself, being vulnerable, and being gently supported by other women on the same pilgrimage.