Messy May 2022 has passed, but you’re welcome to sign up to be notified about Messy May 2023.

For once month, you are challenged to create daily-ish.

That’s right, daily-ish.

This is a free challenge where above all, it’s totally okay if you miss a day.

It’s a challenge where if you complete even one out of the 31 challenges, we’ll be celebrating.

This is a challenge for the mess makers and recovering perfectionists. It’s for those who miss their creative practice, want to jump start it, or are absolutely rocking one.

Messy May is for you, exactly as you are right now.

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How to take part in Messy May:

Step 1: Sign up for free on this page.

Step 2: Follow the prompt and micro challenge on Instagram each day. If you’re signed up, you’ll receive classroom access, daily email reminders, and bonuses in your email inbox each day.

Step 3: Create along with the host artist, share your art (#getmessymay), cheer on other creatives⁠.

Bonus: Join us for the events, share your art to win giveaways, and make some art friends (with our help)

Each day, a different artist will be sharing their interpretation as well as a prompt for you to create from. It’s hosted on Instagram, with bonus goodies and reminders being sent directly to your inbox.

Here’s to a month of imperfect creativity!

Stay in the loop for the next Messy May