This class came out of a moment of connection between two creative mothers – a simple conversation where we saw and acknowledged each other’s struggle to re-establish our senses of personal identity in motherhood.

The thing about identity, is that it is born of stories.

The stories you construct about your past and present, the stories you have about who you are, where you come from, and what is important to you.

That ongoing narrative is what gives you a sense of personal continuity, and a stable identity over time.

But the thing is, when you have kids, you can become so absorbed in the daily work of caring for them that you become disconnected from your personal stories. In existing for others, you can lose yourself.

This class is designed to help you pick up the thread.

It’s about taking all the stories of your mother self, weaving them into the self that existed before, and moving forward with both of them intertwined.

We want to invite you to explore your stories with us.

You’ll record the process in a creative journal, and when it’s done, it will be a beautiful love letter to yourself. It will honour all the parts of who you are, and tell the story of how you came to be the amazing woman you are.


We look at the woman you were before motherhood, and remember what was important to her. We also look back on our expectations of motherhood.

Everyone’s road to motherhood is different. In this lesson we honour our individual stories, and reflect on how they changed us.

In this lesson we look at what becoming a mother was like for you, and how you felt when your baby was finally in your arms. We also take some time to record some of the details of their arrival into the world.

This lesson revisits some of the ideas we talked about at the beginning of the course but reframes them in the context of this new post-baby life. What’s important to you now? What’s changed, and what’s remained the same?

Here we explore all the things – good and bad – that were born in us when our child arrived in our lives. New love, new fears, and everything in between. We get to the heart of who we now are, and show ourselves some compassion, pride, and love.

The final lesson is about finding ways to exercise self care as we move on in this glorious, ridiculous, amazing adventure.


This class comes with the Camellia digital kit, extra journal cards, and a printable workbook because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your stories written down. And cause we love you.



mama of Arty


mama of Elliot

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I'm not creative. Is this course for me?
You are creative. No seriously. You are. But if you’re worried about not being an artist or a papercrafter, that’s okay. The extent to which you creatively embellish the words and stories that come out of this class is totally up to you. Plus, when you enrol you’ll get access to a full digital kit with journal cards that will help with presentation if you need it.
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Is this course for mothers only?
Yes. You will not find the content relevant unless you are a mother.
When does class begin?

All lessons are available to you immediately.

I'm an adoptive or non-birth mother, is this course for me?
Yes! All paths to motherhood are precious, and this course honours that. The prompts and questions are absolutely adaptable and include explicit alterations with you in mind where necessary.
My kids are 30 years old. Would I benefit from this course?
The bulk of this course is about reestablishing your sense of self in motherhood. If this is something you’re still struggling to do with older kids, then it is for you. It all depends on where you are in your personal journey.