Free Lesson: Vision Boards

This lesson takes you through my process of creating a vision board centring around the theme of environments that inspire me. In this process, I take the time to go through and gather supplies that will later be used within the class. The goal is to begin to think about what kind of places inspire us that we would like to draw from in later lessons. This process is used as a way to go through the supplies we already have and find things that we can use in our journals. By creating a vision board, we can narrow down imagery and materials as well as colours that we would like to use and help us to eliminate that overwhelming feeling when we finally sit down to create in our journals.


  • A board. I am using a piece of Foam Board, but you can also do this process in your journal
  • Some images of environments that inspire you. I have images I have printed out from websites like Unsplash or Google, as well as magazine images from National Geographic, Gardening Magazines and Nature themed Magazines.
  • Other ephemera that may fit into the theme. I have materials like fabric scraps, collage elements, painted swatches, collage papers from older projects, vintage books, anything in your stash that you feel may be useful and reminds you of nature and the environments that inspire you.
  • Washi Tape to stick your items to the board
  • Needle and Embroidery Thread to practice some stitching
  • Watercolour paints and some paper to make some colour palette swatches
  • Scissors


Download the worksheet for this lesson.

Action Steps


Think about the kind of environments that inspire you.


Gather materials that remind you of those environments.


Put your vision board together.

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