Blind contour ideas

Here are a few subjects you can focus on to practice blind contouring:

  • face
  • hand
  • part of your body
  • your entire body
  • the curve of your body
  • silhouette
  • wrinkles
  • folds
  • stretchmarks
  • scars
  • hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, body hair
  • interesting lines

Use a mirror, a photograph, or your own vision.


You can use a plain pen and printer paper, but for more fun in the process, I recommend

  • soft paper (I used onion skin paper from an old book and Tomoe River paper)
  • something to write with that you don’t have much control over (I like my Kuretake Brush Pen No. 24)

My exploration

Here’s how I turned my own body into art using LINE.

Thank you for showing up. Take a step back, take in the details, see the beauty.

What is your body saying? 

  • turn your body into art using this lesson’s element of art: LINE
  • blind contour your body, or part of your body
  • turn that blind contour into further art in your journal

want to explore more?

Thank you for taking a brave first step into turning your body into art.

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